Will there be a 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5 reunion?

Can we add a 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5 reunion to our TV watch calendar? Here's what's happening with the latest crew of lustful singles

Will there be a Too Hot To Handle season 5 reunion?
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Things might've cooled down, but will a Too Hot To Handle season 5 reunion reignite sparks amongst the contestants?

Now that the competitive reality dating show has wrapped up, and Lana kept the friskiness in check as best she could, will we be catching up with the Too Hot To Handle season 5 cast about life after the experiment? According to the show's intimacy expert, Brenden Durrell, the latest group was the series' best yet.  

"I feel like all the seasons have been amazing, all the groups have been amazing," he told My Imperfect Life. "This season 5 crew, I can see a Hollywood billboard. They're really bright and really eccentric. Personally, [I've had] some of my best workshops in this season."

Given all that's transpired, are we really done with the likes of Louis and Christine, Elys and Alex, etc.? Here's what you need to know. 

Will there be a 'Too Hot To Handle' season 5 reunion?

A reunion hasn't taken place since the unorthodox show's debut season, and at this time, it appears as if we will not be getting a Too Hot To Handle season 5 reunion. Sadly, but not surprisingly, whenever we ask "Is anyone from Too Hot To Handle still together?"—regardless of the season—the answer is usually no. Despite the drama, including the notorious rule-break pact, it appears Netflix is moving right along and onto its next dating project. 

We've noticed that the more serious dating shows—including Love Is Blind, which ends in an engagement and potentially marriage, as well as The Ultimatum, which features real couples at a crossroads—are the ones that Netflix treats to a reunion episode. Perhaps there's more at stake for the contestants and the viewers. Perhaps heavyweights aren't expecting love to blossom beyond the tropical villas in THTH, Perfect Match, etc. Whatever the case might be, it seems as though we're not going to get any closure from this current crew.

In conversation with People, executive producer Jonno Richards noted how fast these romantic encounters on the show can move.

"Nowadays, people who are dating a lot and are hooking up a lot, they move quite quickly. So the idea was, how can you use that funny concept to perhaps help people form deeper connections, as well as it being entertaining as a social experiment," he told the outlet. 

Perhaps there were roadblocks to forming those deeper connections: distance between the contestants, fleeting romances, greater desire for the cash prize than a relationship? But speaking of moving quickly, we'll now be treated to The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On season 2, which hits the streamer on Wednesday, August 23. So if you were fearful of a lag between reality series, there's no need to stress—more romantic chaos is en route to your screen.

Season 5 of Too Hot To Handle is currently streaming on Netflix. 

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