The 'Vanderpump Rules' reunion Twitter reactions are painting Raquel Leviss in a new light

'I'm disgusted over the 'Pump Rules' verbal assault,' one Twitter user wrote. Though Raquel was in the wrong for the affair, did the reunion go too far?

Vanderpump Rules reunion Twitter reactions defend Raquel Leviss. Pictured: Raquel Leviss attends the "Give Them Lala Beauty" party hosted by Lala Kent of "Vanderpump Rules" at Beauty & Essex on June 30, 2021 in Los Angeles, California
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The #Scandoval drama has been underway for months, but the Vanderpump Rules reunion Twitter reactions seem to have turned the narrative in a new direction. 

Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' very public infidelity has dominated the pop culture landscape and showered his ex, Ariana Madix, with nothing but support. That response wasn't surprising: Ariana and Tom were life partners who had been together for nearly a decade and Raquel, one of Madix's best friends, threw a monkey wrench into the equation by carrying out a seven-month-long affair with her boyfriend. It was definitely grounds for some resentment, to say the least.  

But now that the final part of the reunion has aired and we finally learned the big Vanderpump Rules secret, it appears people are starting to backtrack on their animosity towards Raquel. Here's what they're saying. 

'Vanderpump Rules' reunion Twitter reactions: here's what's going on

In sneak-peek clips of the reunion, Raquel came under fire for looking emotionless while Ariana's heartbroken hysterics took over. Now that the final installment of the reunion aired in full on Wednesday, June 7, #UnpopularOpinions are appearing on feeds, suggesting that the treatment of Raquel during the reunion special was totally out of line, despite her awful actions—and considering, as host Andy Cohen put it, no one in the group has "clean hands" when it comes to cheating. (Except Katie Maloney.) 

When asked, Raquel admitted to Cohen that she did fall in love with Tom, to which Ariana said: "You're ugly. You're hideous. You are rotten on the inside—rotten. Like a f***ing moldy piece of fruit."

The food commentary only got more aggressive. Ariana also screamed at Raquel: "F*** yourself with a f**king cheese grater. F*** you! You f**king suck! You’re disgusting and I wish nothing but the worst f**king s*** that could ever happen to a person on you."

While Raquel was clearly in the wrong for her deceitful behavior, people on Twitter recognized that she did apologize, or at least attempted to do so, at the reunion and did not fight back as insults were hurled at her. Then, after her final reunion confessional aired, she set the record straight on the timeline of the affair, alleging that she wanted to stop the lying, despite Tom's wishes to hide the secrets. 

It was the only time during the entire three-part reunion that viewers saw Leviss visibly emotional and distressed, seemingly out of fear that she went against Tom. Some say that the fear was authentic, while others think her behavior was calculated.

While her naïveté—and suggestion for a possible throuple—made viewers scratch their heads, was this verbal abuse really justified? If you tuned in to the expletive-filled Vanderpump Rules extended reunion, you probably had to make sure there weren't any children in the vicinity, that's for sure. It was definitely intense.

'Pump Rules' fans defend Raquel on social media:

While there were plenty of people were sticking to #TeamAriana on Twitter, others believed that Raquel endured more than her fair share. 

"Plz don't yell at me, but some of things said to Raquel were really gross," Samantha Bush, writer and Bravo commentator noted. One woman penned a lengthy note about the verbal assault Raquel experienced, of which there was plenty. 

We've all fallen down the #Scandoval rabbit hole at some point since March, but were these confessions and thoughts about the reunion proof that maybe this has all gone too far? Would it have been more impactful for Ariana and Co. to take a passive approach and let Tom and Raquel's actions speak for themselves? 

The debate is likely to continue, especially with questions about what Vanderpump Rules season 11 will look like and where Raquel is now—and if she's returning. No matter where you stand, one thing's clear: the SUR group isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

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