Vesta retrograde is on its way to ignite the fire within us

'It's a very deeply felt energy,' astrologer Noush says of Vesta retrograde, which starts this summer

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Don't let the planets hog the spotlight: vesta retrograde is just as significant as the other 2022 astrology events

The asteroid is beginning its backwards spin mid Cancer season, and it'll move through Pisces and Aquarius, ultimately asking us to focus on our inner flame and what keeps that fire burning.  

"It's a very deeply felt energy," says Noush an astrologer at Girl and Her Moon. "How can we connect deeper to that source or universal healing energy that can keep our flame going and nurture us internally when the outside world is chaotically doing its own thing?"

Given that things have felt particularly chaotic as of late, perhaps now is the time to connect to that divine feminine energy that brings us back to a sense of comfort, belonging and peace.

"We have to navigate that [chaos] and we have to hold onto this fire that burns and keeps the home within us alive and allows us to feel safe in that," Noush adds.

Vesta may not be a planet, but it is certainly packs a big punch among the cosmos. For more about what to expect and how to deal with its energy, read on!

Vesta retrograde: what to know

  • When: July 8 to October 5, 2022

Mark your planners—great gifts astrology fans need, by the way. Vesta will be moving backwards this summer up until early Halloween season. 

Though you might not feel its external forces à la Mercury retrograde—lost keys, traffic trouble, etc—you can expect to have Vesta make its mark from within. We'll be questioning our internal monologue and how we speak to ourselves. It's a time to reexamine our internal ideas while paying attention to what's happening with the world around us, and how we connect to it.

"How are we talking to ourselves that supports the life force within us or are we diminishing that flame," Noush asks. "Are we connecting authentically to the words that we are saying?"

Even though we tend to focus on the solar system's big players—Neptune retrograde 2022 is causing a buzz currently—there's no reason to diminish the asteroid's effect on individuals. 

"Despite it not being a planet, I would say when you're diving a little deeper into the space of self-realization and connecting to the energy of your purpose or love, unpacking and understanding the energy of the asteroids can really help you find a stronger way of tapping into divine femininity, that yin and yang energy of just being without doing. How can we just do less and be ourselves?"

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Crystals for Vesta retrograde

Looking to spruce up your crystals collection? (Be sure to check out our guide to manifesting with crystals while you're at it.) Noush makes the case for snagging red jasper.

"It's a really good crystal to support that life source that connects us back to what grounds us and what keeps us going," she says. 

Feel free to use the stone as it speaks to you: meditate with it, wear it, whatever your heart desires.


Nvzi Natural Red Jasper Crystal


Fukugems Premium Gemstone Beaded Bracelet

Though retrogrades tend to get a bad rep, it sounds like Vesta's backward spin might be exactly what we need right now.


An intuitive astrologer with Girl and Her Moon, Noush believes in the healing power of focused energy. You can catch her cosmic insight during an astrology reading or by signing up for a Flow with the Moon Membership. Do be sure to explore her crystals page, @jooncrystals, where you can purchase your favorite gems.

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