Your weekly horoscope is here: October 18 - October 24

It's the beginning of Scorpio season with spooky vibes to boot. Here's what the weekly horoscope has in store for your sign

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Can you feel the shift? Plan ahead with this weekly horoscope because the last few days of Libra season are quite eventful, so make sure to leave some free time on your calendar to rest and unwind. 

On Monday, two planets (finally) end their retrograde motion, so the pace of life will begin to pick up. For the past three weeks, Mercury’s retrograde has been helping us recalibrate our relationships. And as it begins to gain speed, moments of clarity around this subject are bound to hit us—so keep your antenna up.

Even better news is Jupiter’s direct turn. When the planet of luck sleeps, we must work harder in order to grow. Now, with Jupiter direct, we can expect to see progress in some of the major areas of our lives.

The energy goes from zero to ten once the October full moon arrives. Happening on Wednesday in fire sign Aries, this full moon comes in spicy, as it forms a tricky configuration in the sky. During this lunation, Mars in Libra will be clashing with Pluto in Capricorn, exposing secrets and unearthing buried resentments. On the positive side, this full moon is an incredible opportunity to reclaim your power and break free from any toxic relationship patterns.

Indeed, power and transformation become the theme as the bright Sun enters the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio over the weekend.

Weekly horoscope: what does the week ahead have in store for you?


Aries Horoscope

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What a month it has been for you, Aries, and this week’s full moon in your sign tests everything you have learned in the relationships department. During the days ahead, the tension could build up and you might have to make a decision and choose between your personal and professional lives. Luckily, Mercury turning direct can bring that aha moment just when you’re searching for it. Keep your impulsivity in check and you’ll do the right thing!


Taurus Horoscope

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Mercury’s direct turn in your sixth house of work is major good news for your precious routine, Taurus. If projects have been stalled, things should begin to fall into place. This week, an overwhelming need to be alone could surface for you, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time for rest and self-care. This need could be especially strong on Thursday when the moon in your sign will be clashing with other planets.


Gemini Horoscope

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Ah… finally! As your planetary ruler, Mercury, turns direct this week, you’re breathing a sigh of relief. However, it’s still not time to make any big moves in relation to commitments or signing important deals. It’s best to wait another week until Mercury recovers full speed. This week’s powerful full moon falls in your sector of community, making it the perfect time to spend time with like-minded people who you share a hobby or an interest with.


Cancer horoscope

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Things could get a little intense, dear Crab. With your planetary ruler, the Moon, clashing with intense Mars and Pluto, life could be a lot to handle. Since this configuration is set to bring some repressed emotions to the surface, it might be time to fully express what’s been in your heart once and for all. Use this lunation to clear both your mind and your space so you can begin Scorpio season on a clean slate!


Leo Horoscope

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An opportunity could be on the horizon this week, Leo. As the Sun in Libra in your third house of communication connects with Pluto in your sixth house of work, you could meet a powerful person. And this is actually a trend! Jupiter going direct in your relationship sector means that for the next two months, the cosmos is encouraging you to create one-on-one partnerships with folks who can help you not only in your career but also in your personal life.


Virgo Horoscope

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Money has been on your mind. And while things are becoming clear as Mercury turns direct in your sector of finances, the road is not completely clear yet. So, if you can, wait a couple of weeks before making any major moves. Either way, this week’s full moon is happening in your eighth house of shared resources, asking you to think about the balance and give and take in this sector of your life.


Libra Horoscope

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Your birthday season has been quite transformative, to say the least—and this week brings the big finale! As this week’s spicy full moon rises in the sky, it will put everything you have learned to the test! This is not a time to allow other peoples’ desires to eclipse yours. It’s actually your best opportunity to defend your needs and obtain the peace and balance you need so much right now. Let yourself be heard, dear Libra.


Scorpio Horoscope

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This is a big week for you, Scorpio! Jupiter going direct in your sector of home and family will help things flow in this department. Buying or remodeling a home is possible during the next two months. Things do get intense as your two planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, get locked in a tense clash. There’s an inner tension that needs to come out, and the delivery can be either confrontational—or totally empowering. It’s up to you!


Sagittarius Horoscope

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Big news! Jupiter, your planetary ruler, ends its five-month retrograde on Monday! Feel your fortune slowly returning—especially when you focus your energy on charity or community work. You have so much to give, Sag, and some of your best work in this arena could manifest in the next couple of months. This week, try spending some time thinking about the many ways in which you can share your many gifts with the world.


Capricorn horoscope

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Try keeping a low profile, Capricorn. Mars and the full moon activating intense Pluto in your sign could mean people asking crazy demands from you (at home and at work). Alternatively, you could be the one trying to exert too much control on others. Keep your wits about you. The good news is that Jupiter going direct in your financial sector could put more money in your bank account at some point in the next couple of months. Wait for it!


Aquarius Horoscope

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What a sweet week! As Jupiter wakes up from its nap, your powers of attraction are quickly returning. The planet of abundance only visits your sign every twelve years, so while it’s still there (until December 27), you have a golden opportunity to manifest your wildest dreams! Lastly, as the bright Sun enters Scorpio this weekend, it kicks off a month of developments in your career and public visibility. Life is getting oh, so exciting, Aquarius!


Pisces Horoscope

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If life has been confusing lately, this week starts bringing more clarity. As Libra season comes to an end and Scorpio season begins, you will be more in your element. Jupiter, one of your two planetary rulers, also goes direct, bringing more forward motion in many aspects of your life. And lastly, even though this week’s full moon could be intense, it can provide the perfect climate for you to begin feeling more comfortable with your current partner.

Athena Antares

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