What is 'blue vulva' and is it the key to more intense orgasms? Sexperts clear up any misconceptions

Similar to 'blue balls' in men, 'blue vulva' in women is a period of prolonged sexual arousal. Here's what you need to know

What is 'blue vulva' and what do you need to know about it? Pictured: woman lays in bed while wearing lingerie
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Those in search of mind-blowing orgasms seem to think "blue vulva" is the answer to a grand finale. Others, however, believe it's a hindrance to sexual encounters. So what's the truth?

Ahead of the friskiest time of the year, we spoke to our sexperts to dive into the subject and set the record straight on this orgasm myth. Here's what you need to know about the blue vulva phenomenon. 

What is 'blue vulva'? 

Similar to "blue balls" in men, blue vulva is a condition where women experience the sensation of prolonged sexual arousal, but no release. But as for whether it's something to cheer about or something aggravating, it depends on who you ask.  

"It is neither inherently positive nor negative, as individuals may have varied responses to it," says sex therapist Aliyah Moore, Ph.D. "Some may find it pleasurable or enjoyable, while others may find it uncomfortable or frustrating."

Aliyah Moore headshot
Aliyah Moore, Ph.D.

Aliyah Moore is a certified sex therapist, the resident sexpert at Sexual Alpha and a proud Black bi-sexual femme who is passionate about empowering minority voices and the LGBTQ+ community to embrace their sexuality and identity. You can find her work on Refinery29, Scary Mommy, Mindbodygreen and more. 

Typically, blue vulva is not a feeling that you'll experience for an extended period of time. You can expect the sensation to last up to a few hours, but that doesn't mean you should bypass the subject when talking about sex

"It is recommended to openly communicate with a sexual partner(s) about the experience and any discomfort or tension felt which is important for establishing understanding and support," Moore adds. 

If the discomfort persists or becomes a recurring issue, then you'll want to seek out guidance from medical experts. 

In an exclusive talk with LOOKFANTASTIC, sexpert and LELO brand ambassador Cameron Long-Tel said: "No medical treatment is required unless you are experiencing a sexual dysfunction, such as pain during sex.” 

Cameron Long-Tel

Cameron Long-Tel is a sexologist and brand ambassador for LELO, a brand of "luxury, aspirational sex toys for men and women who are proud of their sexuality."

Is 'blue vulva' something to worry about?

No need to stress, according to the experts. 

"Ultimately, experiencing blue vulva is not something to be worried about," Long-Tel says. "It is a completely normal reaction from your body that shouldn’t be overly painful. However, if you do find that you’re experiencing levels of pain that are impacting your daily life, it’s important to seek advice from a medical professional."

Can 'blue vulva' be beneficial in the bedroom?

You might've heard of edging, a masturbation technique that asks you to hold onto the pleasure for as long as possible before it all comes to an end. This is when blue vulva could have its perks. 

"This is a way of increasing long-term sexual pleasure," Moore adds. "Basically how this works is by building up the sexual sexual tension in your body by denying yourself orgasm just as you’re about to reach the point of climax. This results in a much more intense orgasm once you do allow your body to reach that point."

How do you find relief from 'blue vulva'

Solo sex could help the blue vulva sensation pass—if you'd like it to, that is. One step closer to orgasm, and you'll be able to move past the prolonged arousal. 

"When a person reaches orgasm, the pelvic floor muscles contract rhythmically, allowing the blood to be released from the erectile tissue. This helps restore normal blood flow to the genitals and reduces discomfort or heaviness associated with blue vulva," Moore says. 

Long-Tel believes in order to successfully reach your peak pleasure point, opt for the best sex toys in your collection, specifically clitoral stimulators.

LELO Sona 2

LELO Sona 2

For an intensely pleasurable orgasm, I’d personally opt for a clitoral suction toy," Long-Tel suggests. "The toy has 12 pleasure levels that are guaranteed to provide maximum pleasure."

And should you need additional suggestions, cold showers work wonders, too, but everyone's advocating for self-pleasure before hopping in the tub!

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