What is 'menstrubation' and how can it help you?

Never heard of the term 'menstrubation'? Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite that-time-of-the-month remedy

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The term "menstrubation" is essentially yin and yang: peak sexual satisfaction...while on your period. Two conflicting experiences meshed into one. So, what exactly is menstrubation, and is it a good thing? 

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, menstrubation is the act of masturbating during Aunt Flo's visit. Though it might seem like an inopportune time, a little solo play has its advantages while you're on your period. 

Rather than concern yourself with the best sex positions for menstrual cramps, menstrubation lets you take pleasure into your own hands (women's most intense orgasms are through solo sex, after all) and provide some much-needed relief during an often uncomfortable time.

Does menstrubation help with period pain?

If you were just relying on Advil to get rid of those cramps, there is a more favorable option. 

“Masturbation can have positive effects on health and general well-being for several reasons," Dr. Naomi Sutton, NHS Sexual Health consultant and Womanizer spokesperson said in a press release. "Following orgasm, the hormone dopamine is released, which activates an inner bliss. This, combined with the increase in blood flow resulting from climax, are both ways orgasm may alleviate period pains."

In 2020, Womanizer conducted the first clinical trial in the world on menstrubation and found that it has both short-term and long-term effects. According to the sexual health company's findings, 90% of women recommend masturbating while menstruating, and 85% of the study's participants—486—plan to stick to their new menstrubation routine at the conclusion of the three-month study.

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What else did Womanizer's menstrubation study uncover?

  • After three months 'menstrubating,' the percentage of women who experienced cramps on the first day of their period decreased from 37% to 25%
  • Irritability after three months of menstrubating decreased from 27% to 14%
  • 70% of participants reported that regular masturbation reduced the intensity of their period pains

Have you been convinced? If you ask the experts, there's really no reason not to give the self-love method a shot. 

“One of the biggest pros of menstrubation is the fact that often, women are hornier whilst on their periods; this is due the fact that during and right after your period is when progesterone, the hormone that suppresses your sex drive, is the lowest," says Josh Porter, a sex expert at Romantix.

Porter continues: "Meanwhile, your desire-boosting estrogen levels are building up, making a case for increased horniness. Therefore, menstrubation is a good way to fulfill your gotta-have-it-now desires if you feel less than comfortable having intercourse with a partner whilst bleeding."

Whatever works well for you and gets rid of any discomfort in the process is a win! If you're feeling a bit inclined to try your own menstrubation plan, have a look at some of the best app-controlled vibrators on shelves. 

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