When’s the next super blood moon? 2021’s celestial phenomenon is finally here

Don’t miss the super flower blood moon, 2021’s must-see astronomical event

Black sky with a orange red Blood Moon in the centre
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It's time, folks: the highly anticipated blood moon, 2021's astronomical show-stopper, is finally ready to dazzle us in all its glory. Ready your telescopes and don't miss the celestial celebration. 

As our May 2021 horoscope shows, the super flower red blood moon (its fancy title) is sending off the month with a bang. We'll tell you how to view it, why it's been given this super-cool name and the meaning behind it.

What is the blood moon?

According to NASA, the moon dons this creepy red color during a total lunar eclipse. 

When the earth lines up between the moon and the sun, the only light that can reach the moon's surface comes from the edges of the earth's atmosphere. Air molecules from the earth scatter blue light as a result, and the remaining light reflects onto the moon with a red tint.

What's especially exciting is that out of the three lunar eclipses—total, partial, and penumbral—the total eclipse is the most dramatic, according to the experts on our sister site Space.com. So it's definitely worth a look!

When is the blood moon 2021? 

Drumroll, please: you can catch the total lunar eclipse (which will result in the blood moon) in less than 24 hours! It's due to peak at 7:19 am EDT (11:19 GMT) on Wednesday, May 26th, so set your alarms accordingly.

What's the Super Flower Blood Moon meaning?

According to NPR, the occurrence gets its "super" title when a full moon reaches the point closest to Earth on an elliptical orbit, causing it to appear larger than usual. 

Full moons are often coined as "flower moons" due to the florals that regularly bloom during this time of year—something we can thank Native Americans, Colonial Americans, and Europeans for, per Farmers' Almanac. 

Bathed in blood red by the setting Sun, a full lunar eclipse rises over Mount Shuksan as seen from Artist Point on Sunday evening Sept. 27, 2015, in Whatcom County, Wash.

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Where can you see a lunar eclipse? 

Unfortunately, not everyone will have easy access to see blood moon 2021. Space.com suggests the main event will happen over the Pacific Ocean, so those in Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania are likely to have the best seats in the house.

People in the western third of the US are in luck, says Farmers' Almanac, with Hawaii the prime state for eclipse-viewing. As you head east in the US the chances of seeing the eclipse, in all its glory, become less favorable. 

We do have to break a bit of bad news, unfortunately: Those in Europe and Africa will have to wait until May 16th, 2022, when the blood moon will be visible on both continents.

Blood moon 2021—how can I see it?

Pro tip: turn your eyes towards the top part of the blood moon 2021, which will be the brightest point during totality. The moon will be closest to the outer edge of the umbral shadow, according to the Farmers' Almanac.

Super Flower Blood Moon 2021 astrology

Like other celestial phenomena—Mercury in retrograde, for example—it's thought that the occurrence of a blood moon can have astrological effects. 

Astrologers suggest that emotions and tempers can run high, feelings of anxiety or restlessness in relationships may arise, and accidents or unexpected events could crop up. Take the approach of the blood moon as a chance to tap into your meditation and reflective practices and to center yourself.

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