These chaotic 'Euphoria' memes will keep you entertained until season three

Season two might be over but 'Euphoria' memes will live on forever

Alexa Demie, Sydney Sweeney HBO Euphoria Season 1 - Episode 3
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Another season of the Gen-Z juggernaut is over, but that doesn't mean the Euphoria memes are stopping anytime soon. And truly, how else are we supposed to emotionally handle the chaotic antics of Rue and her crew—or distract ourselves until next season rolls around—if not to laugh at them?

Whether they're focused on the show's insane plot twists or its beloved cast members like Angus Cloud (Fezco forever!) and Barbie Ferreira, Euphoria memes manage to hilariously capture exactly what we're all thinking each and every week. 

And with Euphoria season 3 officially a go for HBO, we thankfully have plenty more LOL-worthy memes in our futures.

*Warning: Some season 2 spoilers ahead!*

The best 'Euphoria' memes of season 2 and beyond: 

Euphoria is known as a gritty, twisty teen drama, dealing with tough issues like substance abuse, mental health, familial grief, physical abuse and more, but viewers have found some much-welcome light in the darkness thanks to all of the social media memes that the show regularly inspires. 

There's a whole meme subgenre dedicated to 'Euphoria High' on TikTok, with videos of plainclothed viewers "realizing" they attend the school from Euphoria (that's East Highland High School, FYI) and immediately trading their outfits for an outrageous—and likely dress code-breaking—ensemble like the ones we're used to seeing on the show: think cut-out mini dresses, bedazzled eye makeup, and sky-high platform heels. (One of our brave writers tried the Euphoria makeup looks in real life. Would you be brave enough?)

Here are just a few of the many Euphoria memes that gave us a chuckle this season:

We have minutes left, Elliot, minutes

BRB, forwarding our therapy bills to HBO. 

What, are we expected to have hobbies now or something?

We're here for these May-December BFFs

Which one are you?


Did we accidentally switch over to The Voice or?

There are not enough tissues in the world to deal with this pain.

Are you supposed to look that content when a crazy drug dealer is tailing you?

We've never related to Nate Jacobs more.

Even the adults on Euphoria are cooler than we'll ever be.

This is...pretty accurate, actually.

How is every single being on this show so damn stylish??

Real talk, Rue needed a break! Zendaya basically was an Olympic track star during episode five.

In this house, we stan Gia Bennett/Storm Reid!

Cassie, girlfriend, run

Uh, are Lunchables not cool anymore?


We love Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike onscreen and off, but this whole ordeal was not chill. 

That Maddy v. Cassie face-off truly was our Super Bowl 2022. 

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The entire Euphoria season 2 can currently be streamed on HBO Max.

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