Who does Marah marry in 'Firefly Lane'? All the intel on Kate's daughter's big day

We don't see much of the nuptials, but here's what you need to know about Marah's wife-to-be

tully and marah on marah's wedding day
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Kate and Tully always keep us guessing, but who does Marah marry in Firefly Lane?

At the beginning of Firefly Lane season 2 part 2, we started to suspect that Tully would end up with Johnny instead of Danny—a move that would truly shock us all. In a flashforward ten years in the future, Kate's brother, Sean, asks Johnny how he is feeling during an unspecified formal event. Johnny replies: "I'd feel a lot better if the bride would show up. We're supposed to start any minute."

Then, we segue upstairs to Tully, dramatic as usual, seemingly in wedding undergarments saying: "Hold your horses! I'm almost ready. It's not like you can start without me anyway."

Our stomachs twisted in knot at the mere thought of the nuptials between Kate's longtime love and her best friend, but it turns out that it is not Tully and Johnny who are getting hitched in 2016, but Marah, Kate and Johnny's now-adult daughter.  *Breathes sigh of relief* 

"Aren't I the one who's supposed to be late, Aunt Tully?" Marah jokes.

But who is her mystery bride? Let's find out a little bit more about Marah's big day.

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

marah's wedding day in firefly lane season 2

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Who does Marah marry in 'Firefly Lane'?

During the Firefly Lane ending, we learn that Marah, now a lawyer, ties the knot with a doctor named Emily in 2016. Marah's big day is brief on screen, and we only get small glimpses into her wedding. But in the early 2000s, right as Kate's diagnosis takes a turn for the worse, Marah confides in her mother about a special girl she met while playing soccer, which makes Kate happy. We gather that she's referring to Emily. 

Though Emily is somewhat mysterious in the second season, the actress behind Marah's wife-to-be is Sam Rahmani, an Iraqi actor who grew up in London. You can catch her in Little America on Apple TV and on teen hits like Riverdale and Charmed. In addition to her appearance on Firefly Lane, she also had a role in Netflix's The Night Agent

At this point in the series, we're clear on who's entering holy matrimony, but sadly, we're also clear on the fact that Kate is no longer with us to ring in this special occasion. (She dies in the series finale after her battle with breast cancer.) Naturally, Tully would never leave her goddaughter unattended, especially during a significant milestone like this. 

“Thank you for sticking with her, through all of it,” Kate says to Tully during the wedding day. 

“It wasn’t me. Everything good that she is, that’s because of you, Kate," Tully replies. Then, the silhouette of Kate in the mirror disappears, suggesting the conversation was just a figment of Tully's imagination. 

The weddings—and there were plenty of them throughout the second season—were a much-needed uplift, according to the actors. 

"I think you need the moments of joy so that you can exhale in between the tougher moments,” Sarah Chalke, who plays Kate in the Netflix hit, told TODAY.

Both seasons of Firefly Lane are now streaming on Netflix. Both Firefly Laneand Fly Awayare available on Amazon. (Here's how to read the Firefly Lane books in order.)

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