Bling Empire's Mimi Morris' childhood was incredibly tough

Ladies and gents, Mimi Morris is getting ready to make an entrance

Bling Empire. Mimi Morris in episode 101 of Bling Empire.
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It's time to get acquainted with Mimi Morris. Bling Empire season 2 has delivered on more "luxury, glamour and crazy," and of course, a few new faces. 

Morris, a Netflix first-timer, will join the cast alongside fellow novice Dorothy Wang of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and her husband, Don Morris. Think they'll be able to hold their own in this clique?

Bling Empire rose to fame instantly upon its 2021 premiere and became one of viewers' guilty pleasures. The show's focus is on a group of Asian socialites in Los Angeles who are keen on displaying all aspects of their lives: romance, business and play. Nothing is off-limits. 

Now that we have Morris among the ranks, it's only right to get to know her. Allow us to introduce you... 

Who is Mimi Morris?

Although this fresh face of reality TV might be living the life of luxury now, her upbringing was incredibly difficult, to say the least. 

Born in Vietnam, she and her brothers and sisters ultimately made their way to the U.S. to escape the war. The streamer even provided a frightening glimpse into Morris' childhood: "At the height of the war, at the age of seven, Mimi and her seven brothers and sisters were unable to flee their village to find safety, so instead spent two years living in a large hole in the ground, with scant food or water."

She made her way out of that horrific scenario and did a complete 180. Now, the married mother of three—a 30-year-old son, 26-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son—is used to all-things glamorous in Los Angeles, which you can see on her Instagram, where Chanel, private jets and a white Rolls Royce dominate the feed. 

But the streamer insists, despite her success, Morris has remained down to earth and appreciative of all that she's earned (we've all seen her cleaning around the house...).

"Mimi has never lost her work ethic nor her strong survival skills in the face of adversity. At first blush, Mimi comes off light-hearted, witty, and joyful — but don't let her delightful demeanor fool you. Nothing gets past her.”

Netflix and various entertainment outlets claim that Morris started her own business, though they are mum on the details. Her husband, however, Donald Morris, is CEO of Morris Group International. She is also considered a philanthropist and influencer.

Mimi Morris' family life

On Instagram, we were treated to a feast of colors when she posted the celebration of her 10th anniversary—a floral extravaganza, to say the least. 

Morris also likes to give a few glimpses into her Vietnamese background. You can catch Lunar New Year photos on her profile too. As you might've expected, they're pretty lavish. 

How old is Mimi Morris?

Mimi Morris is currently 52-years-old.

Mimi was a delight in season two and we sure hope she's back for season three of Bling Empire—fingers crossed! 

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