Who’s the new Selena Gomez Single, ’Single Soon’ about? It's definitely *not* about a certain ex...

The star previously commented on her new music and where the inspiration stems from...

Singer Selena Gomez performs at Staples Center on July 8, 2016 in Los Angeles, California
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Listeners have been gifted with a new Selena Gomez single, but who is the subject of the star's latest bop?

We automatically associate breakup songs with Adele's delightfully depressing numbers, but Gomez decides to turn the genre on its head with "Single Now". In this new track, which just dropped on Friday, August 25, she gives an upbeat take on ending a relationship and embracing single status. Perhaps this is a breakup coping mechanism we can all benefit from in the long run (and dance to in the meantime). 

In the hit-to-be, Gomez sings about buying a new dress and getting ready for the next chapter of her life. She makes a hilarious Sex and the City reference when she suggests leaving a note for her S.O. à la Berger. She even manages to reference her own viral moment this summer was captured shouting "I'm single" at soccer players and the now-iconic line, "I'm just a little high maintenance, but I'll love you so much!"

So, now that this feel-good song has made its way onto our Spotify playlists, we can't help but wonder who Miss Gomez is referring to. (See what we did there?) Let's do a little digging. 

Who’s the new Selena Gomez Single, ’Single Soon’, about? 

While it might be too soon to name someone specific, we can confirm that Gomez is singing about a past experience—one that she kept to herself. In an interview with Apple Music in November 2022, she discussed her forthcoming music and revealed that it is all based on things she's gone through. 

"I'm telling stories that people don't know," she told Zane Lowe. "People I've dated that people don't know. Experiences I've had that people don't know. I created this whole private life that was just mine, and I feel like now I have to tell these stories, and people are going to ask a lot of questions."

We can confirm that we do indeed have a few Q's, especially considering all of her relationships have been so public, whether it was the tumultuous young love she shared with Justin Bieber—in turn creating the never-ending Selena and Hailey 'drama' saga—or her short romance with The Weeknd that caused a rift with the Hadid sisters. 

Then, fans took to social media to pinpoint this new hit on The Weeknd. While some have seemingly forgotten that the two were an item, others seem convinced that "Single Now" is in honor of the Canadian singer. But savvy Selena decided to stay one step ahead of the drama. When HollywoodLife posted a photo speculating that the 2017 romance was the source of inspo, Selena took to the 'Gram herself to assure the site that it's off base:  "Couldn’t be more false," she replied. 

Well, guess that line about "it's almost the weekend" doesn't have to do with her former flame. As far as who Selena Gomez is dating now, that remains to be seen. She has been tight-lipped about her love life as of late, but once we start decoding her latest album, we'll be sure to piece things together. 

Earlier this summer, she did spark dating rumors with Jeremey-Allen White, our favorite fictional Michelin-star chef Carmy Berzatto in The Bear. In late June, the tabloid Bible, DeuxMoi first spotted the two getting to know one another: "A recently separated Golden Globe winner whose show just premiered its second season is casually dating again. He met this A-List singer-actress during a cover shoot for Vanity Fair, and they've been in touch since she returned to the States from filming overseas."

But things have apparently cooled off, and we're still left wondering what's happening romantically for our Only Murders in the Building starlet. As we await confirmation, we'll just be bopping along to "Single Now" in our new glam dresses, thankyouverymuch

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