‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3 ending explained

So much happened in the last episodes, we need the whole ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3 ending explained *in detail*

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The final season of Who Killed Sara? has finally arrived on Netflix, and to say it took us on a rollercoaster would be an understatement. (And yes, that means that, sadly, there won't be a Who Killed Sara? season 4.)

The show, which has kept viewers hooked for three seasons, saw parachute cords cut, casinos burnt down, and people come back from the dead (or not so dead in Cesar’s case.) The killer finale left viewers in a serious head spin, so we thought we’d be helpful and break it all down. So, here’s exactly what happened in the Who Killed Sara? season 3 finale.

*Warning: spoilers obviously ahead!*

What is the Medusa Center in ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3?

The Medusa Center was created by Reinaldo as a secret facility to treat homosexual and schizophrenic patients. Sara was the “patient zero” of the facility as Reinaldo faked her death in order to have her take part in the center’s project.

Does Marifer die in ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3?

Yes and this was expected. The show warned us in the very first episode of season three, as Marifer was burnt in the casino fire of season two and never recovered from her injuries.

When Alex storms the Medusa Center in the final episode, Marifer succumbs to her burn injuries and dies. She then wakes up in a sort of dream-like heaven where she reunites with Sara.

Does Alex find the Medusa Center? What was Chema doing there?

Yes, Tonya—who worked for Reinaldo and was undercover at Doctor Alanis’ office— tells Alex everything from the Medusa Project to what actually happened to Sara. After finding out his sister’s fate, Alex storms the Medusa Center, literally shooting up the place to find Reinaldo.

At this point, Reinaldo is trying to cure Chema of his homosexuality by dropping him in an ice bath and showing him pornographic content, including the PeepingTtom videos he filmed of Alex back in the day.

Why was Chema at the Medusa Center? After coming out of prison where he was repeatedly raped by another inmate, Chema was seriously not himself and understandably traumatized. So much so that he asked his mom for help to save him from himself and his homosexuality. Mariana Lazcano, being the mother that she is, takes advantage of Chema’s fragile mental state and makes him sign over everything to her including the big life insurance pay-out he got from Lorenzo’s death.

Mariana then admits him to Reinaldo’s treatment place, where Chema’s torture includes being starved for two days straight. The starvation and other forms of torture lead Chema to tell Reinaldo that he is cured and doesn’t have those feelings anymore. Reinaldo then forces Chema to have sex with a woman to show he’s a “true man.”

Is Lucia found in ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3?

Yes! After being recaptured by Reinaldo, Lucia is once again imprisoned in the Medusa Center.

However, when Alex storms the center, Reinaldo sets off the alarm, warning all the staff to either lock patients in their rooms or get everyone out. Daniela (Reinaldo’s daughter) and Chema escape, as well as Lucia, who uses the opportunity to free herself of restraints and reunites with Rodolfo and Elisa at the center’s entrance, making for a super happy family reunion…for a moment.

Does Rodolfo survive the gunshot?

While the family is having this reunion, one of the security guards that have been tied up breaks free and shoots. His bullet hits Rodolfo right in the chest, causing him to bleed out and die. In Rodolfo’s dying moments, Lucia allows him to mistake her for Sara, giving him closure as he was yet to find out Sara’s true fate.

Is Sara alive in ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3?

It turns out that Sara did not die in the parachute accident and was instead kidnapped and committed to the Medusa Center. 

The extent of Reinaldo’s scheme at the Medusa Center, from being separated from her baby and her family and having her death faked, turned out to be too much for Sara. She committed suicide in order to escape being further experimented on by Reinaldo.

Does Reinaldo die in 'Who Killed Sara'?

Absolutely. This is a death we saw coming because when Álex storms the Medusa Project headquarters, his main target is Reinaldo. He manages to shoot Reinaldo, giving him the opportunity to tie Reinaldo to the same electrocution device he used to torture his patients and kill him.

What happens to César? Why does he take the fall for everything?

César Lazcano has done many heinous things in his life, including letting others go to prison for him, and has never been caught by the police.

So, it came as a big shock to viewers that he admitted to killing the security guard, Reinaldo and Abel Martinez. It came as an even bigger shock that when he was sentenced to 40 years in prison, he didn’t seem to care. In fact, the only thing he said was to Alex, telling him to “make my daughter happy.”

But why is he doing all of this now when his children and literally everyone else have been begging him to take responsibility for years? Well, he’s dying of pancreatic cancer and his diagnosis is terminal. All the money he siphoned off to the Caribbean? It turns out he was using it to try and buy him some time, but the cancer was too aggressive.

The last time we see César, he is hysterically sobbing and laughing in his cell.

How does ‘Who Killed Sara?’ season 3 end?

The final moments of the show portray a mass grave site where Reinaldo buried all the victims of his experiments. We see the police digging up the bodies in order to identify the victims and we can only assume to also notify the families.

With Mariana committing herself to a convent, Chema, Lucia, Elisa and Alex are the only members of the show still standing strong. We see them walk away into the countryside after Lucia lays flowers on the graves.

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