Who will win 'Love Island' UK 2023? The official odds say it's neck-and-neck between *these* two couples

The final is here, but who will be crowned 'Love Island' season 10's winners?

Lochan and Whitney, Sammy and Jess and Ella and Tyrique from Love Island 2023, in a pink and purple 3-picture template
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Who will win Love Island 2023? After eight weeks of non-stop drama and jaw-dropping twists, that is indeed the question we all want answered—now that the grand, Love Island final is just hours away...

As it stands, there are four couples still vying to claim the title of Love Island 2023's winners; Whitney and Lochan, Sammy and Jess, Zach and Molly and finally, Ty and Ella.

And while we'll certainly miss all of their villa antics and mad moves (this year's Casa Amor was something else!), we can't wait to see which of our final pairings will come out on top. So, here's which islanders are tipped to win, plus our own predictions on which of our Love Island couples will actually last IRL...

LIVE: The Love Island UK final

The Love Island UK 2023 finalists at the final ceremony: (L-R) Zach and Molly (top); Ella and Ty (bottom); Whitney and Lochan (top); Sammy and Jess (bottom)

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We're keeping up with the final live—check out the Love Island UK final latest updates.

Who will be the 'Love Island' 2023 winners? The predictions are in...

The Love Island memorable moments have not been in short supply this summer season and the final itself looks to be similarly dramatic. But who will bag the crown and the £50k for that matter? Here's how to watch Love Island UK, in case you need to catch up on any of our couple's love stories...

1. Whitney and Lochan

Whitney and Lochan in the Love Island 2023 villa during the 'Graftie' awards

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Odds to win: 8/13 | Weeks together: 3 | It's giving: 8/10

If you're wondering which way the odds are pointing, Betway has tipped Casa Amor love birds, Whitney and Lochan their favorites to win Love Island 2023. 

This duo is definitely a fan-favorite pairing, especially after Whit's OG partner, Medhi, was dumped from the villa back in week four, leaving the former single and struggling to find another connection. She found one with Lochan, however, with the pair going from strength to strength.

As far as the My Imperfect Life team's thoughts on their compatibility and whether they'll last post-villa, we've awarded the cute pairing an 8 out of 10—making them our fave couple to win also. They're giving chemistry that's for sure, but they've not been together for as long as some other couples, and Whit lost some points with us over that fight with Ella...That being said though, we can definitely see them snag the win!

2. Tyrique and Ella

Ty and Ella in the Love Island 2023 villa during the 'Grafties' awards

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Odds to win: 7/4 | Weeks together: 8 (on and off)| It's giving: 7/10

Betway has named Ty and Ella their second faves to win. These two have definitely had the biggest journey in the villa (bar perhaps Sammy and Jess), especially after Ella brought Ouzy back from Casa Amor.

We can see these two being definite contenders for first place, especially after Ty told Ella he loved her. They have also been together since day one, despite that lil' Casa Amor blip, so it would be a cute ending to the show!

In fact, despite their second-place odds, body language expert Darren Stanton has predicted—on behalf of Betfair Bingo—that Ty and Ella could actually cinch the win! Stanton says: "Ella and Tyrique are the strongest couple, they’ve been through their ups and downs in the villa, but I can tell they really love each other. When Tyrique confessed his love for Ella, I noticed that they didn’t need to be close together. You can tell they have a deep connection through his prolonged and reciprocated eye contact and authentic smiles."

"It shows their relationship is real and they don’t have to be joined at the hip to prove that to anyone. It also suggests they trust each other on a deeper level and have enormous amounts of chemistry. They are likely going to win. I fully believe they only have eyes for each other and they’ve grown so much together."

As far as our vote goes, we're giving them a seven out of ten. We can see the feelings there, with Ty especially, really having evolved since his first week in the villa. That being said though, their journey hasn't been the smoothest ride, with the pair frequently butting heads.

All in all, they're up there for us and might just edge out Whit and Lochan for first place...

3. Sammy and Jess

Sammy and Jess toasting their gold champagne flutes in the Love Island 2023 villa during the 'Graftie' awards

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Odds to win: 4/1 | Weeks together: Urm...| It's giving: 5/10

Ah, Sammy and Jess—it took them a while but they're finally boyfriend and girlfriend after becoming this year's 'will-they-won't-they' couple. 

Their odds put them as third favorites to win, but with their slightly messy track record, we're not sure they'll cinch the win. Though many people thought that about enemies-to-lovers Ekin-Su and Davide from Love Island 2022...

On our "giving meter", Sammy and Jess scored a five. Don't get us wrong, we do think they're cute together but we're just not sure they'll last post-villa...

4. Zachariah and Molly

Zac and Molly in the Love Island 2023 villa during the 'Graftie' awards

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Odds to win: 18/1 | Weeks together: 6 | It's giving: 5/10

It's looking likely that Zach and Molly might not land a spot in the final but these two have proven to be pretty inseparable...well after they were literally separated that is—with Molly getting dumped and then making a shock return for Casa Amor.

For us, they're giving 5/10. While we do think there are some feelings there, they're very different and might not work so well IRL. We also can't forget how quickly Zach did a 180 to Kady McDermott after Molly's exit, not to mention him snogging her in the 'Snog, Marry, Pie' challenge in week seven...

When is the 'Love Island' 2023 final?

In case you didn't know when exactly Love Island finishes, the live final is tonight (Monday, July 31)—exactly eight weeks from the show's start date.

Sadly this means all of season 10'sdrama is nearly at an end, but knowing this bunch of islanders, the final could very well feature a few twists and turns...

How many couples are in the Love Island 2023 final?

Every year, four couples go into the final, with the runners-up being announced throughout the live episode until we get our final two pairings. Host Maya Jama, will then declare the winners from the public vote—where they'll then be awarded their £50k to share. In past seasons, there's been a plot twist where couples can either split or steal, but the dating show scrapped this last year.

Season 10's final couples are Sammy and Jess, Ella and Tyrique, Whitney and Lochan and Zach and Molly and tonight, at last, one pairing will be named the Love Island 2023 winners...

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