The Wonderskin lip kit is a bestseller on Amazon—but is it worth the hype?

We tried the viral and sellout Wonderskin lip kit stain

Naomi Jamieson tries the Wonderskin's Wonder Blading Lip Color
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When a beauty product goes viral, it’s usually for good reason but the truth is you’ll never know if a product is for you until you try it. So when the Wonderskin Blading lip kit was being hailed as a miracle product, I couldn't resist the opportunity to try it for myself.

Lip colors—much like the best eyeliners—have the power to totally transform your face and this kit, which has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon promises a long-lasting lip stain.  

I put two bestselling colors to test: First Kiss, a bold fuchsia pink, and Lovely, a warm nude. My first impression was that the products were of high quality, as the packaging is minimal but also cool, with holographic details—but as the saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Personally, I lean more towards natural makeup, my everyday lip product of choice is lip balm and occasionally a clear gloss, but I was keeping myself open-minded at the idea of a stain that is both buildable and depending on how long you leave it on for either natural or bold.

So let's dive in and start with the formula. It features purified seaweed, a sugar complex, squalene, and Hydra G and promises a long-lasting, high pigmented, and kiss-proof ‘Hyper Stain’ lip color. It’s the first-of-a-kind and made by all-female beauty experts which I love, it's also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, alcohol-free, and paraben-free.

Wonderskin's lip kit - Wonder Blading lip color

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How do you use the Wonderskin Lip Kit? 

The lip kit, which is $32 / £30 comes with the Lip Masque colour, a Lip Activator and a swiper towel.

The first step is applying the Lip Masque—which comes out as a pretty terrifying shade of iridescent blue, then wait 10-45 seconds depending on how bold you want your lip colour, and then you spray it with the Activator.

The spray reacts with the blue lip colour and you can then peel it off, or wipe with the swiper towel to remove the blue film to reveal the true colour beneath. I found the swiper very helpful to get off all the little bits of blue leftover.

So to start, here is a picture of what my lips look like with no colour...

A picture of my natural lips with no product on them

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The whole process is pretty unique, and I did have fun with it. I don't have the steadiest hand so I will admit that the application process was slightly tricky—not to mention a bit terrifying because the instructions say it lasts 24 hours and I didn’t want red all over my mouth.

The spray was a similar story, I either sprayed too close and made my lips too wet so the peel came off in chunks and stained my fingers, or I sprayed too far and it covered the whole of my lower face, not just my mouth. But I’m sure with practice the process will get easier, and seasoned lip kit users will probably find applying it a breeze, and you can dab the spray-on instead using a cotton round, which did help.

I tried the shade 'First Kiss' first and when I peeled off the blue, I was surprised by how bold the Fuschia color was and how it did in fact just look like my skin—there was no residue. I think for a perfect application you need to really layer it on and do the process twice.

Most amazingly it doesn't transfer at all even for such a bold shade. You also do need to exfoliate your lips thoroughly before using this as it will highlight any chapped areas.

Wearing the shade First Kiss by Wonderskin

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Wonderskin, WONDER BLADING Peel & Reveal Lip Colour in First Kiss

Wonderskin, WONDER BLADING Peel & Reveal Lip Color in First Kiss ($32|£30)

Wonderskin describes this color as 'cranberry,' it's a rich, bold berry shade that doesn't budge or transfer.

I then tried the nude shade 'Lovely' which was my favorite of the two, as it was more natural. The color was very buildable, I applied it twice for about 30 seconds. The nude shades for me, are definitely more wearable

I was also impressed by how long the color lasted though I will say they're not for those of us that change our minds halfway through our makeup looks. Once it’s on—it’s on and for the next 24 hours, that's your lip color. With the nudes, however, it’s not an issue, but something to bear in mind with the bold shades.

Wearing the shade Lovely by Wonderskin

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Wonderskin, WONDER BLADING Peel & Reveal Lip Color in Lovely

Wonderskin, WONDER BLADING Peel & Reveal Lip Color in Lovely ($32|£30)

A chestnut, nude brown that gives a lovely hint of color to your lips. You can create a bolder look by layering on more coats.

Because the lip colors are stains it also means you can layer with clear or shimmery gloss which makes them even more wearable. 

So, is the Wonder Blading Lip Color worth the hype? 

Overall I’d say this product is perfect for someone who loves lipsticks and wants their color to last all day. The range of colors is good, you have nine different shades to choose from, perfect for every day and for a chic date night look. 

Though the application is a little difficult and did make me feel a bit like ‘why can’t it be just one product’ it was a very unique experience. And with a bit of practice, it will become a much easier and quicker process.

The long-lasting effect of the Wonderskin Blading is what makes it a winner. Unlike many lip products that claim to last, this really does—you won’t have to bother reapplying or worry you’ve got lipstick on your teeth. It doesn’t transfer nor does it split on your lips.

This lip stain really deserved the term ‘wearable’ because you can just wear it, totally carefree—not worrying that it’s smudged or completely disappeared along with your lunch.

For someone who’s always on the go, traveling or someone who loves going out partying and needs their lippy to stay on, this is definitely one to try!

Naomi Jamieson
Naomi Jamieson

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