These Joe Goldberg memes are frighteningly funny

What better way to celebrate 'You' season 4 than with killer Joe Goldberg memes?

penn badgley as joe goldberg staring out the window in you on netflix
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Who would've thought Joe Goldberg memes could be so hilarious? 

Given that the murderer doesn't seem to have much in the way of remorse—the list of people Joe Goldberg killed is mighty lengthy, after all—you wouldn't suspect the internet to get a few chuckles from his behavior, yet here we are. We've struck gold with Joe G. content!

You season 4 just arrived on Netflix on Thursday, February 9, so we're celebrating the best of the literary killer with a few LOL-worthy moments from cyberspace in his honor. Have a look and just try not to laugh...we dare you.

The funniest Joe Goldberg memes on the internet:

What did we tell ya? The bookish murderer has inspired a few jokes. Which Joe memes are your favorites? (Props to Netflix for kicking things off!)

It Could Be Worse...

If you were suffering from the Valentine's Day Scaries and not looking forward to Cupid's favorite time of the year, might we suggest remembering the positives? You could have Joe Goldberg eyeing you. If that's the case, we'll gladly take a dose of the VDay Scaries, thankyouverymuch

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Will 'You' Be My Valentine?

Welp, apparently some of us wouldn't mind calling Joe Goldberg our Valentine. The creative Francesca's Frosting decided to dedicate a cookie to the oh-so-lovable protagonist. We'll admit, they do look dangerously delicious!

Who's Texting Joe?

Well, well, well. What do we have here? 

In a bizarre turn of events, it looks like Joe is the one being stalked this go-around...or should we say, Professor Jonathan Moore (one of Joe Goldberg's names/aliases) is being stalked? 

Naturally, we're curious to figure it all out, so we're mapping out every last detail.

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'I've Changed'

How are those New Year's resolutions coming along? Have you changed like Joe? Here's hoping!

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One of the crazy girls?

Crazy? Who, us? Nah!

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Not jealous...

There's no need for petty jealousy, but we'll definitely take a page from Love's book if he tries anything cute. 

(Is Love in season 4 of You? Here's what you need to know.) 

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A breakup?

Breakups are never easy, but good thing we take them extremely well!

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Nice guys finish first

What woman doesn't appreciate a self-proclaimed "nice guy" like Joe?

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'How was your day?"

Oh, you know, just making conversation!

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Regardless of the funny memes and the alias he's assuming, Joe Goldberg will never not be toxic. Even though he appears to be changing his ways in the fourth season—something we've heard before—we can't help but think that Joe will never truly escape his dark deeds. 

The first part of season 4 has only just premiered and we've already uncovered a dead guy (Malcom) on Joe's kitchen table. Now, even in the world of academia—which seemed safe—Joe somehow manages to attract danger every way he turns. We must say, it's a good thing this story's fictional!

You season 4 part 1 is streaming on Netflix as of Thursday, February 9. Part 2 will follow on Thursday, March 9. Here's the scoop on You season 5

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