How to channel your zodiac sign's love language if you're apart on Valentine's Day

Messenger and astrologer Nina Kahn have the communication covered this February, even if it has to be done virtually

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February 14 means something different to everyone, and each zodiac sign's love language can take communication in different directions. 

Since it can be challenging to embrace your 2022 love horoscope celebrate such a romantic while distancing, the Messenger app partnered with astrologer Nina Kahn to help each astrological sign channel their love language and make this romantic time of the year extra meaningful, even for those who are apart. 

It's time to take those texts and video calls to a new level! Check out your sign's love language and how to use it to your advantage. 

 Zodiac sign's love language


Aries Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Face-to-face contact

We hate to break the bad news, but COVID might have negatively impacted dating, according to new studies. This reality makes holidays like Valentine's Day a bit more challenging, especially considering an Aries is all about embracing time together. 

While most people have had enough with virtual calls, one via Messenger with enticing destination backgrounds, AR effects and an Aries will be all the fun you need on February 14. 

"Getting an unplanned video call might be a dealbreaker to some people, but for a spontaneity-loving Aries, this kind of unexpected greeting gives them a thrill," Kahn says. 


Taurus Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Sensual touch

A Taurus wants to feel connected to the person they're connecting with, and we cannot blame them. Rather than shoot a text, send a voice message to one of the beloved earth signs in your life. 

"Voice notes add nuance and make it easier to connect with the tone and vibe of your partner’s message," Kahn recommends. 

If you can't be around to offer a hug in-person, this is the next best thing. 


Gemini Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Intellectual connection

If you're corresponding with a Gemini, why not attempt a task together, be it a recipe or an online game? (You know your Wordle game needs some improvement, anyway.) Messenger's video calls allow you to share screens, so you and your loved one have all the time in the world (well, 24 hours) to sit and hash around those 5-letter words.


Cancer Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Sentimentality

Bring on the nostalgia! There's nothing a Cancer quite appreciates like taking a step back in time to a memorable moment. Dig through your photo gallery and shared gifs to uncover one of your best interactions. 


Leo Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Words and photos of affirmation

"Leos love attention, and they’re just as generous about giving it to others," Kahn says. "Sending a sweet selfie along with some heartfelt compliments will light up their day."

Time to start noodling on some sweet sayings!


Virgo Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Acts of service

"A practical message reminding Virgo to do something or a simple 'thinking of you' note before a big meeting will go a long way in impressing these service-oriented signs," Kahn suggests.


Libra Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Flirting

Who appreciates February 14 more than a Libra? It's their time to shine. 

"Libras are ruled by love planet Venus, so they love romance. Send them flirty messages throughout the day and sprinkle plenty of heart and flower Emojis into your conversations," Kahn recommends. 

(If you want to go the extra flirty route, be sure to have a look at our expert sexting tips before pressing "send" and explore Messenger's disappearing messages function.)


Scorpio Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Transparency

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to a Scorpio, so be sure to send a message or feel-good video when promised—Scorpios keep the receipts! 


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Freedom

As much as we live in a tech-focused society, not everyone needs messages 24/7...especially a Sagittarius. 

"Sagittarius is super independent and loves their freedom, so instead of constant messages, a simple good morning GIF or a sweet good night selfie can make their day—as it makes them feel loved without feeling smothered," says Kahn. 


Capricorn Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Quality time

Caps are busy, and their 2022 planners are booked solid. If you're keen on sending a sentimental message this Saint Valentine's Day, do be sure to stick to the agreed-upon video chat's in your best interest! 


Aquarius Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Socially savvy

An Aquarius enjoys mixing things up, but it's kind of hard to do when friends and loved ones are stuck at home. 

Watch Together on Messenger allows you to watch movies, original content series, concerts and more in real-time, so why not plan something you all love this Valentine's Day?


Pisces Zodiac Sign symbol

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  • Musical vibes

"Pisces are poetic and emotional, so sending links to your favorite songs or lyrics via Messenger is a great way to creatively communicate your feelings to them," Kahn says. 

Pro tip: avoid the best breakup songs and save them for another evening. 

When you're ready to swap virtual exchanges with IRL connections, astrologers have predicted the best time to plan a date in 2022, so take notes! 

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