The perfect time to plan a date in 2022 is here, according to astrologers

Cheers to that!

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Ready to soak up those romantic vibes? It's time to plan a date.

Since we're all looking to manifest love in 2022—a new study even confirms that Gen Z and millennial daters are on the hunt for something serious this year—why not embrace it? After all, who's going to say no to an exciting night out after all we've been through?

COVID has negatively affected our love lives, but it seems daters are willing to take back what's rightfully theirs. Regardless of whether you're single or coupled up, the astrology pros will tell you when to book that dinner reservation or head out for a flirty picnic. Take note!

When should you plan a date in 2022?

Looking for your perfect match? Anxious to add a night out back into your normal routine? Safer Date joined forces with astrologer Inbaal Honigmanto to uncover the ideal time in which to take advantage of the celestial prosperity and go out on a date. The result? Friday, April 15, 2022 (provided you feel safe and comfortable doing so, of course).

“It's a Friday, which is love day, just hours before the full moon," says Honigman. "The sun is in passionate, playful Aries, and the moon is in elegant, graceful Libra. Mercury is direct (not retrograde) in dependable Taurus, and Venus is in Pisces, one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac."

You know, that new Italian place around the block has been calling your name...

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Other dating opportunities in 2022

You don't have to limit yourself to one Friday night, though. April will bless us with some of the most exciting transits of the year, and it seems there are plenty of points throughout the month to connect on a romantic level. 

When Venus enters Pisces on April 5, you can feel the love more than ever: expect passion, money and romance to be within reach. The sensation will continue mid-month with a change of season. Astrologer Renée Watt feels as though Taurus season (April 20 to May 20) is an ideal time to find your person. 

"Since this member of the zodiac is ruled by Venus, sparks are more likely to fly than usual," she says. 

She also considers it a great time to be indulgent. 

"Taurus season is perfect for glamming yourself up, but it's also awesome for sexy, sensual dates. Go out to fancy dinners, wear luxurious fabrics and splurge on a new fragrance that you find attractive," she adds.

The Stellium in Pisces, right at the start of Taurus season, will find Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, the Moon, Mars and asteroid Juno in Pisces, turning up the romance and the creativity. 

According to astrologer Liz Simmons: "We're going to see more opportunities for love and to romantically connect to people. It wouldn't be surprising if there are a lot of people coupling up around and a lot of people stabilizing their long-term commitments."

It's safe to say opportunities abound.

But if this is not enough—or you want to carry those good vibes throughout the rest of the year—pay attention to the new moon calendar, as Honigman considers them "13 chances to make a first impression."

"[They're] fabulous for setting your intent, manifesting what you want from every opportunity and finding love or taking a relationship to the next level," she says.

The dates are as follows: 

  • January 2, 2022
  • February 1, 2022
  • March 2, 2022
  • April 1, 2022
  • April 30, 2022
  • May 30, 2022
  • June 28, 2022
  • July 28, 2022
  • August 27, 2022
  • September 25, 2022
  • November 23, 2022
  • December 23, 2022

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When to avoid going on dates in 2022

Mercury retrograde 2022 has decided to bless us with four doses instead of its usual three, even though we didn't ask. Here are the timeframes to mark down in 2022:

  • January 14 to February 3, 2022
  • May 10 to June 2, 2022
  • September 9 to October 2, 2022
  • December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023

While the infamous planet tends to make us fear the worst—like we're bound to be breaking up during Mercury retrograde—it's really more about message struggles and tech failures.

"It tends to hamper communication, with messages being delayed and stilted conversations when you finally meet," Honigman says of the cosmic event.  

Of course, you don't necessarily have to avoid planning a meal or a coffee run with your new crush just because Mercury is moving backward—just be mindful of the way in which you communicate.

Good luck to all of those on their hunt for someone special! We think you're bound to have a busy April.

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