Here's why BIAB nails are TikTok's new favorite beauty trend

Have you stumbled across BIAB nails on your FYP? There's a reason people love the strengthening treatment

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Before attempting your spring manicures, take a look at BIAB nails, TikTok's latest obsession.

Beauty buffs are curious how to get healthier nails, and given the new hues and shapes that are on their way this season, you need to make sure your beds are in tip-top shape. 

Enter BIAB nails. If you've encountered one of these trending hashtags on TikTok—#biabnails, #biabtutorial and so on—we'll give you the scoop on what it all means. Prepare to stun with gorgeous, healthy nails!

What are BIAB nails?

Builder In A Bottle™, a.k.a. BIAB™, is all courtesy of The Gel Bottle. The company touts the product as an all-in-one primer and base that shoppers use as a base coat. As you might've gathered, this soak-off builder gel is multifaceted and "ideal" for sculpting with forms or creating extensions by using tips. A "builder gel," which is a bit harder than ordinary gel, allows you to slightly alter your natural nail shape.

In addition to offering a salon-inspired glossy finish, the strengthening gel also provides nutrients to the nail. Given that you're inclined to go all Picasso with spring shades—and that you've likely overexerted the cobalt blue nail trend—a little TLC is always welcome. 


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If you have concerns about the likes of acrylic or dip powder manicures, BIAB is a less harsh alternative that simultaneously protects and helps the nail. Once you've decided you've had enough of whatever style you've chosen, all you need to do is soak it all off. Easy peasy!

Experts suggest that this is something you attempt with professionals at a salon, not on your own at home. You'll notice many TikTok videos are filmed at nail appointments. 


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Now that you're one step closer to a healthier mani, what styles will you opt for as the warm weather swoops in? We're feeling peaches, pinks and anything bright and sunny!

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