Time for a mani: these 2022 nail trends are taking over

From color and style to length and shape, 2022 nail trends will complement any outfit you choose

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Fancy a change? These chic 2022 nail trends will bring any outfit to life—all you need is a manicure. 

Nail care will become just as important as our skincare routines, so make sure to pamper yourself plenty in the 12 months ahead. According to the experts, we'll be leaning more towards cool-toned colors, but nail art is still going to be bold and retro-inspired. Clearly, our love for nostalgia isn't going anywhere. 

"Keep fingernails dry and clean. Especially with the current climate, it’s important to clean nails regularly, whilst also ensuring they are properly dry before any further nail care to prevent damage," says Beautifect (opens in new tab) founder, Tara Lalvani

Curious what to request from your manicurist? Let's dive right into the 2022 nail trends so you can decide what to try first. 

1. 50 shades of blue

Danielle Gregory, co-founder of DOLL BEAUTY HQ (opens in new tab), reckons everyone will be feeling blue in the best way possible. 

“Bottega Green was everywhere in 2021, and in 2022 we'll see a wave of blue shades—from cobalt to turquoise—worn to detail nails or as block color,” she says. 

2. Pantone’s Color Of The Year

Speaking of blue, Pantone’s Color Of The Year—Very Peri—is set to make a cheerful splash. From home decor trends to style selections, the "courageous" blue-purple combo is said to inspire creativity and inventiveness. Of course, it's the perfect excuse to head to the salon. 

3. Bold Patterns

Patterns and nail stickers will still be very on-trend this year, with everyone embracing their inner 90s kid. We’ll see a lot of abstract swirls, but they’ll be more "grown-up" and used as accents, Gregory predicts. 

4. Multi-colored manis 

According to Jooyeon Song, CEO of ManiMe (opens in new tab), there's no need to be frugal with nail options. 

"Why pick one color when you can have many," she asks while advocating for the multi-colored mani.

As the saying goes, "The more the merrier!" A nod to dopamine dressing it seems.

5. Colorful French tips

The colorful French manicure tips will also be making big waves in 2022. This manicure is dainty but features a hint of color at the tip. Gregory also says we’ll see “fun twists like love heart ends and chevron finishes.” 

6. Matte nails

Manis don't always need a glossy finish. In fact, in 2022, people will be looking for just the opposite upon venturing to the salon. 

"We expect to see matte manicures (or even mixed texture manis) grow in popularity in 2022," Song says. "This anticipated trend is one of the many reasons we just launched our new Matte Top Coat (opens in new tab)."

7. Long nails

Say goodbye to short, low maintenance nails: 2022 is all about stiletto and almond-shaped manicures, according to Gregory. 

8. Try a mix of shapes

"For a universally flattering nail shape that’s great for both long and short nails, go for 'squoval' a mix of the traditional square and oval nail shapes," says Lalvani. "Simply round out the edges of your nails using the Crystal Nail File (opens in new tab) for a sleek, fashionable looking manicure. 

9. Press on nails

While we love coloring our nails, not all of us are Picasso. Fear not: press on nails will be in style. Check out offerings from the likes of Static Nails (opens in new tab). Your secret is safe with us!

10. Nostalgia

As we've mentioned, we'll always feel nostalgic for 2000s fashion trends, much like the new nail polish brand, Pärdē. With selections like "Army Pants and Flip Flops" makes us want to watch Mean Girls on repeat. 

11. Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue nails are having a real moment right now, and promise to add a real pop of color. Though it may look intimidating, this shade of blue is actually very wearable and seriously chic!

12. Clear Jelly nails

We're obsessed with this trend, it feels playful but still minimal and effortlessly cool! You can opt for any color, but the key is that they're opaque like jelly!

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