Lululemon Cyber Monday deals and other great sales on leggings today

Get up to 50% off leggings at Lululemon Cyber Monday sales

Lululemon cyber monday
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Holiday sales are in full swing and if you're on the hunt for some new workout gear then Lululemon Cyber Monday deals is just what you need.  A number of cult workout leggings are currently on sale, as well as some of the best sustainable activewear brands

Yep, that's right. Lululemon and Girlfriend Collective are both offering a special discounts for Cyber Monday, including great deals on some of their bestselling leggings. 

Girlfriend collective

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Girlfriend Collective Cyber Monday sale

First up,  Girlfriend Collective's FLOAT leggings are now available to shop for 30% off if you buy them today. The eco-friendly leggings debuted back in July and instantly became a huge hit. According to the brand, they took around two years to develop as they wanted to perfect the feel of the fabric, ensuring it was smooth, soft and thin enough to feel like second skin. 

They seemed to have done a great job as that's exactly what Girlfriend Collective leggings have become known and loved for. 

Oh, and everything else on the site is also 30% off! 

Lululemon Black Friday sale

Elsewhere, LuluLemon also has an offer we can't refuse with their 50% off Fast and Free High Rise Tight 25"

Their Align Pant leggings are also on sale - one of the brand's most popular items, created with a soft Nulu fabric that is made up of 81% Nylon and 19% Lycra elastane fabric as well as featuring a four way stretch. No wonder they're so sought after! 

Another great deal to make the most of its Outdoor Voice's 55% off their Warm Up leggings. The cool activewear brand has been praised by customers for the quality of their leggings with rave reviews on their website, so why not give them a try? 

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