Who is Brian Nickels from Bridgerton? The sad story behind the show's tribute

Brian Nickels is remembered in series finale of Bridgerton. This is why...

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We are obsessed with Bridgeton - from the hilarious Bridgerton memes that have popped up to the Bridgerton cast, we want to know everything about the hit show. And there's one question that a lot of us have pondered following the series finale. 

For those of us who have already finished Bridgerton, you may have wondered who the man they dedicated the show to was. 

At the end of the series finale (or season 1 episode 8) of Bridgerton, before the credits, the screen reads ‘In loving memory of Brian Nickels.’ 

Who is Brian Nickels from Bridgerton?

This message was in memoriam of the stunt co-ordinator Brian Nickels, who died in January 2020 due to a cardiac arrest. 

Nickels was a popular member of the cast and crew, and the show decided to honour his memory by dedicating the first season of the show to him. 

As a former boxer, he assisted with stunt co-ordination in the Bridgerton boxing scenes between Regé-Jean Page and Martins Imhangbe, who plays Will Mondrich.

Martins worked closely with him and expressed his sadness of his passing in an Instagram post. 

Imhangbe wrote soon after his passing: “Brian, immensely grateful that our paths crossed and for the dynamic and positive impact you’ve had in my life for the past months - you’ve always had my corner and filled me with uber confidence on and off set with your infectious enthusiasm and passion for what you do - you’ve been an incredible coach and friend. Struggling to accept that you’re no longer here with us and my heart goes out to the family. You are a legend and a gent who will never be forgotten - rest in love and peace”

Nickels’ wife Simone, who worked alongside her husband, told Yahoo Movies UK: “He was one of the hardest working men ever. He lived to make other people happy. It's all he wanted to do. He didn't take any day for granted. Every day he had, he lived it to the fullest.” Nickels is survived by his wife Simone and his two young children, Sienna and Rocco.

Nickels was a well-known stuntman and has been credited for many famous films and television shows. 

He made one of his first appearances in the James Bond 1997 classic film Tomorrow Never Dies. He later appeared in later Bond movies starring Daniel Craig in Spectre and Skyfall. 

He also worked on action-packed movies in the Marvel cinematic universe such as: Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The First Avenger and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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