Did Zendaya cut her hair? You'll want to copy her laidback look ASAP

Once again, Z does no wrong in the style department

US actress Zendaya attends a photocall for the film "Dune" presented out of competition on September 3, 2021 during the 78th Venice Film Festival at Venice Lido.
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Oops, she did it again! Did Zendaya cut her hair? It's a resounding "yes."

Though Euphoria left us with plenty of style inspo—Cassie’s Euphoria hair looks like bubble braids and mermaid waves, eye rhinestones and Y2K accents galore—our beloved Rue Bennett certainly knows how to pack a punch off-camera.

On the heels of her blonde curls and short auburn locks, Zendaya has decided to rock a bob, and it's the ultimate cool-girl look you'll want this summer. It's possible the actor does no wrong in the style department. (Our love letter to Zendaya's outfits further proves our point.) 

Did Zendaya cut her hair?

On Met Gala Monday, while most celebs were New York-bound, Z was in rival city Boston shooting her latest film, The Challengers. (Psst, if you asked "Why was Zendaya absent from the Met Gala" we'll fill you in.) While out and about, a smoothie at hand, the paps caught her with her latest 'do. 

The light-brown, wavy chin-length bob is undeniably adorable, and likely related to her new role. Though we're unsure how long our style chameleon will keep the look, one thing's for sure: she hits all of the 2022 hair trends

First thing's first, she aces this year's nod to warm hues, something Gregory Patterson, celebrity stylist and DIY expert for Sally Beauty, predicted. "Think rich cognac, butterscotch blondes and warmer tones at all levels and shades," he previously told My Imperfect Life.

Plus, Z lets her natural waves do their thing, and it looks like she just left the beach. (For those who have a little more trouble achieving those twists and turns, allow the experts to help you with water waves.)

Thanks to Zendaya's simple yet alluring style, we have a feeling many are likely to copy when en route to the salon. A few pointers about chic bob hairstyles: make sure to keep up with cuts every three to six weeks and rock your look with a few new beauty buys. If you were searching for permission to stock up on eyeshadows and lip stains, consider this your sign. 

When heading over to your stylist, be sure to make note of how high or low your hairline is, as it will help you find the appropriate length, Merita Ibrahimi a New York-based hairstylist and a member of the Bridal By Alexandria team, tells us. 

When it comes time to styling at home, you'll want to opt for a big, round brush—not necessarily to curl, but to achieve fullness. Then use your straightener for final touches.

"A flat iron is going to be your best friend," she says of those with bob haircuts. "You can curl [your hair], straighten it, bend it."

To get those waves, Ibrahami's colleague, Kate Post, shares her straightener how-to:

"If you use the flatiron and you start at the top and make sea-shaped motions with your hand—almost like you're opening or closing a doorknob as you go down—that creates that water effect," she's told My Imperfect Life. 

Have the basics down pat? Excellent! Now that you're confident, it's time to go channel those Zendaya vibes! 

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