Experts predict these 2022 hair trends will be everywhere, so book a salon visit ASAP

Ready for a hair makeover? These 2022 hair trends will be all the rage!

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We'll let you in on a secret: we've uncovered the 2022 hair trends that are about to take over salon chairs. Even better? Our expert-backed tips will help you achieve your look of choice and stay ahead of the curve. 

If you're anxious to shake things up with your strands, there will be plenty of fun avenues to explore. While 2021 gifted us with the revival of fringe hairstyles and an affinity for "expensive brunette", our next trip around the sun will take us in a slightly different direction. 

Ready to see what's on the horizon? (Think of us as your style horoscope!) Here are the fun cuts and colors that will ensure the next 365 days are your trendiest yet.

1. The Mixie

The '80s mullet will be treated to a more refined look 40+ years later. According to hairstylist Neil Moodie, the "mixie" is a cross between a mullet and a pixie, and it's a runner-up to 2021's fan-favorite wolf cut.

Though Moodie claims it's a strong contender for those with all hair types—straight, wavy or curly—there's one important tidbit to note before snipping off your ends. 

"It’s basically a short pixie crop, but all the edges of this haircut are longer to give softer edges," he said. 

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2. Warm colors 

Bronde—a blonde and brown mix pioneered by Hailey Bieber—saw a rise to fame in 2021 but now we can expect other bold, single-color applications to gain traction in 2022, according to Gregory Patterson, celebrity stylist and DIY expert for Sally Beauty

"Think rich cognac, butterscotch blondes and warmer tones at all levels and shades," he says.

The Halo Code

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3. Bold highlights

While Patterson claims hair color unity was a hit on the runway in 2021, there will still be a need for multiple tones—as always. 

"I’m also expecting to see a lot of bolder highlights but off of the scalp," he predicts. "Chunky balayage highlights with a root stretch—old meets new!"

But before you tell your colorist what you're craving, be sure to do some thorough research on the shades that are right for you. 

"Keep the 'color story' of your high and low dimensions in the same 'color family' for on-trend harmony," Patterson adds.

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4. Fun reds

To complement the touch of toffee and pumpkin spice trends we've been seeing this fall, "auburn reds will be very popular next year, especially as a lot of blondes have recently toned down and some people have even gone brunette," Moodie says.

 "Reds are a way of brightening up your color and can range from a deep auburn through to a bright copper or even pillar box red."

If you're going for a brighter red, do note that you'll need a lighter base color, to begin with. 

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5. The Rachel

Proving we're always going to be nostalgic for '90s hairstyles, Patterson predicts that "The Rachel," the iconic haircut Jennifer Aniston sported in Friends, will make a comeback and get a few tweaks. 

"Instead of the flipped-out bottom ends, keep them tucked under (on all length) but ask for those choppy face-framing layers," he recommends. 

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6. Unexpected colors

After being trapped indoors for so long, a lot of us are ready to bust loose with something daring. 

"Bright, bold colors will be a big trend for 2022, and what makes more of a statement than trendy bright pink hair?" says Waleed Taleb, hair and aesthetics expert and COO at Vera Clinic. "You’ll need a professional to lift the color in stages, so expect this to be a process that takes a few trips to the hairdresser."

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7. Curl-lights

It's time to achieve the unthinkable, friends. 

"Often people with tight curls avoid highlights due to the fact it can damage the delicate strands and ruin the curl pattern, however it is possible to achieve both," Taleb says. "Simply choose the curls you want to pop."

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Which trends are you going to opt for first? We'll see you at the salon!

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