Cue the nostalgia: O.G. ‘Gossip Girl’ characters appeared on the reboot

And, of course, fans got pretty sentimental

Leighton Meester and Blake Lively in Gossip Girl
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2007 called, and the Gossip Girl reboot happily answered.  

Although HBO Max introduced fans to a more tech-savvy, sexually promiscuous and cutthroat crew at Constance Billiard in 2021, there's something about the original Upper East Siders that viewers still find themselves clinging to—and not-so-secretly want to see again. 

Prayers were answered on the December 2, 2021 episode. Proving that the YA book-turned-series has earned its rightful spot on the ultimate nostalgia TV list, a few of the show's original characters reprised their role, causing fans to lose their cool. 

No, we're not talking Serena and Dan or the like. We are talking about Blair's mother, though: Margaret Colin returned to her role of  Eleanor Waldorf, while viewers were also reunited with Wallace Shawn as Cyrus Rose, Zuzanna Szadkowski as Dorota Kishlovsky and Aaron Schwartz as Dorota’s husband, Vanya.

It was a complete blast from the past, and everyone was in favor!

“Just being with them was a joy, because they themselves are icons as humans, and as their characters,” showrunner Joshua Safran revealed to TVLine

Viewers couldn't have agreed more, particularly on social media. 

"Dorota gracing us with her presence is what I’m thankful for this holiday season," one Instagram user wrote. 

"We bow to QUEEN DOROTA," another commented. 

In this episode, Audrey's mom attended Mrs. Waldorf's very-exclusive Hanukkah party in hopes to help get her fashion career up and running. She might've been missing the point of the festival of lights, but hey—it brought back the O.G.s, so no complaints. 

What's more is that we learn a little bit about Blair, who is in fact taking the fashion world by storm over in Paris. (Say hello to Emily while there, Blair!) 

Fans couldn't help but wonder: does this mean our other favorite original characters will make a cameo? Time will tell who will reappear on the steps of the Met!

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