How to get Snapchat Year in Review: relive your best moments from 2021

Spotify? Check. TikTok? Check. Instagram? Check. Here's how to get Snapchat Year in Review to share with your followers

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Curious how to get Snapchat Year in Review? If you want to look back at 2021—all of your funny moments, important milestones and dog selfies—read on. 

Now that you've uncovered your Instagram 2021 Playback, applauded your musical selections via Spotify Wrapped and marveled at your pesto eggs featured in Year on TikTok, it's time to keep the momentum going.

Like its social media counterparts, Snapchat celebrates how its users spent the past 365 days. Think of it as a holiday treat from your favorite platforms and a way to hold onto the spotlight. You are blessing everyone in your friend group with those pictures of Fido, after all!

How to get Snapchat Year in Review

Your personalized video reel—quirky captions and all—awaits! 

Once you've logged on, swipe up from the Snapchat Camera to your Memories. Then voilà, it's all yours! Just make sure your app is up to date, otherwise, your reel might not surface. 

The prompt begins with: “You did it! You made 2021 yours. You experienced another year to its fullest," before a slew of memories come your way. 

Can't access your Snapchat Year in Review?

If you want to feel nostalgic but can't seem to find this wrap-up feature on your app, there are a few things to note. 

It's possible you didn't save the proper amount of snaps in Memories (opens in new tab). If you've recently joined the Snapchat world and didn't accumulate enough Memories, you won't be seeing a recap, either. 

For future reference, and to ensure this doesn't happen in 2022, read up on Snapchat support (opens in new tab) to ensure all of your content-sharing needs are fulfilled.

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