How to get the Instagram 2021 Playback feature so you can relive your best moments

Over Spotify Wrapped? Instagram 2021 Playback is the new social-media time capsule of choice

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Not ready to part ways with the spotlight? The Instagram 2021 Playback feature is the latest social media roundup that'll keep all eyes on you. 

Now that Spotify Wrapped and Year on TikTok have already launched, we've turned our attention towards another platform. What does the photo-sharing app have in store as we part ways with 2021? What moments will we relive? Should we prepare to be embarrassed? 

The Instagram 2021 Playback allows you to have a gander at your best stories from the past 12 months and share it with your followers. Of course, editing options are available, should you want to nix something (if it's as bad as your Spotify reveals).  

Anxious to give this "time capsule" a whirl? Read on for the scoop. 

Instagram 2021 Playback—everything you need to know

  • Upon opening the app, check out the "View your 2021 Playback" option underneath your stories
  • Click the blue View Playback button to see the top 10 stories the platform has chosen for you
  • Edit as you see fit before hitting "Share"

Can't access Instagram 2021 Playback? Here's why

If you're dying to recirculate a makeup hack or cool recipe to your followers but haven't had the option to access the Instagram 2021 Playback, there are a few possibilities why you're unable to do so. 

First thing's first: if you're seeing other friends post their recaps but you can't, you should be able to click the 2021 sticker that appears in the corner of their stories to launch your own playback. Be on the lookout for friends who have been oversharing. 

If your Stories Archive hasn't been turned on (though it usually is by default), you, unfortunately, won't be able to access the feature and will be forced to share your Olivia Rodrigo obsession with Spotify friends once again. (Head to your profile, click the three lines on the top right-hand corner and select "Archive" to check out your settings.) 

Those with weak Stories game (a.k.a. those who posted less than three) won't have access to the throwback, considering there really isn't anything to throwback to. 

If all else fails, sign out and sign back in—restarting usually does the trick!

Ready for one last look at 2021? It's comin'!

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