The ‘Year on TikTok’ feature is here, but how do you actually get it?

How many times have followers drooled over pesto eggs? Are we all in need of a Bones Day? 'Year on TikTok' has all the info

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We're all curious about the Year on TikTok feature now that Spotify Wrapped results have imploded all over social media. (Looks like Olivia Rodrigo has plenty to celebrate!) 

Since we've scratched one platform off our list, we're quickly moving along to another. How many times have followers drooled over pesto eggs? Who else loves the reverse cat eye trend as much as we do? We have so many questions. 

For those who are wondering how the past 12 months shaped up, here's everything you need to know about Year on TikTok 2021.

What is 'Year on TikTok'?

In 2020, a Year on TikTok provided an overview on what made your personal page unique. It presented your most-liked special effects, comment activity and preferred music genres and audio clips. It also assigned a "vibe" based on your activity. 

In 2021, we're getting a full list of what made the platform's 1 billion users tick. 

"For us, 2021 was a year for connection and we’ve seen people on TikTok laughing together, entertaining us, starting cultural phenomenons and teaching us new things," COO Vanessa Pappas said in a statement. 

"It's been incredible to see the depths of entertainment and creativity from this community, and we're delighted to celebrate all the ways we've come together this year."

How to access 'Year on TikTok'

Firstly you will need to have downloaded the latest version of TikTok, so hurry to your app store now to get the newest update. 

You can then access the ‘Year on TikTok’ icon on your feed or go to the discover page and click on the ‘Year on’ banner. You can find your personal version once you have accessed these pages on the landing page.

If you want to share your ‘Year on TikTok’ with your followers you will receive a 2021 badge above your profile picture. 

The button for ByteDance Ltd.'s TikTok app is arranged for a photograph on a smartphone in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020

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'Year on TikTok' 2021

Have a look at the fun categories below! Which were your favorite trends?

fyfaves (TikTok's biggest moments)

  1. @totouchanemu (opens in new tab) - Drone Dancing
  2. @chipmunksoftiktok (opens in new tab) - Squishy the Chipmunk hiding nuts in his mouth
  3. @_catben_ (opens in new tab) - Restocking at its finest
  4. @my_aussie_gal (opens in new tab) - Dog painting
  5. @zachking (opens in new tab) - Zach King disappearing into his art
  6. @tracy.oj (opens in new tab) - The original "Woman" dance video
  7. @chaotticgoood (opens in new tab) - Please don't go
  8. @felixgabrielmusic (opens in new tab) - Here comes the boy musical edition
  9. @sunisalee_ (opens in new tab) - Sunisa Lee celebrating her gold
  10. @zeddywill (opens in new tab) - Bro who got you smiling like that?

powered by joy (TikTok's good vibes videos) 

  1. @saveafox.rescue (opens in new tab) - A joyful fox
  2. @sarahforwarkholden (opens in new tab) - Baby laughs for the first time
  3. @valentinebrothers (opens in new tab) - Family hide and seek
  4. @jongraz (opens in new tab) - Is it a bones or no bones day?
  5. @Pudgywoke (opens in new tab) - Pudgy thanks the audience
  6. @missgunn2u (opens in new tab) - Child shark is hungry
  7. @camifrobabe (opens in new tab) - Saying goodbye to grandpa
  8. @andreas.choice (opens in new tab) - The cats want to come into the room
  9. @haylinic (opens in new tab) - Wife scratches off telling her husband she's pregnant of her to-do list
  10. @deannagiulietti (opens in new tab) - Creator commits to the dress

the playlist (TikTok's favorite songs) 

  1. "Adderall (Corvette Corvette)" - Popp Hunna (opens in new tab)
  2. "Batman " - LPB Poody (opens in new tab)
  3. "Bundles (feat. Taylor Girlz)" - Kayla Nicole (opens in new tab)
  4. "Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)" - Doja Cat (opens in new tab)
  5. "TWINNEM" - Coi Leray (opens in new tab)
  6. "Up" - Cardi B (opens in new tab)
  7. "Buss It" - Erica Banks (opens in new tab)
  8. "Astronaut In The Ocean" - Masked Wolf (opens in new tab)
  9. "Punk Monk" - Playboi Carti (opens in new tab)
  10. "drivers license" - Olivia Rodrigo (opens in new tab)

eats on repeat (TikTok's favorite foods) 

  1. Tortilla Trend (opens in new tab)
  2. Feta Pasta (opens in new tab)
  3. Natures Cereal (opens in new tab)
  4. Pasta Chips (opens in new tab)
  5. Salmon Rice Bowl (opens in new tab)
  6. Pesto Eggs (opens in new tab)
  7. Baked Oats (opens in new tab)
  8. All Things Air Fryer (opens in new tab)
  9. Birria Ramen (opens in new tab)
  10. Spicy Pickled Garlic (opens in new tab)

For the full list of categories and winners, visit TikTok online.  (opens in new tab)

'Ask on TikTok'

A new Q&A feature for 2021, Ask on TikTok is your personalized version of Year on TikTok. 

Log onto the app and simply choose which questions you want to answer about your year. Users can choose questions like "What was your 2021 highlight?" or "What was your happiest moment of 2021?" 

From there, you can share your most precious moments or create a new video about your results.

When will 'Year on TikTok' be available?

As of December 6, folks! Looks like a new social media recap is about to take over newsfeeds. 

Get ready to relive all of the greatest TikTok trends 2021 has gifted us! 

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