Is it too early to put up a Christmas tree? A survey dives into the decorating dilemma

Have you already started decking the halls? Don't fret!

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Is it too soon to put up a Christmas tree? Certainly not, if you're going by Buddy the Elf or Mariah Carey standards. 

A new survey from Treetopia (opens in new tab) proves that most Americans prefer to get a head start on decking the halls, so there's no need to get your tinsel in a twist if you're a holiday go-getter. 

Is it too soon to put up a Christmas tree?

Out of 3,500 participants across 47 states, Treetopia uncovered that most American states on average put up a tree 4.5 weeks ahead of Christmas, which falls in and around Thanksgiving. It seems like a perfectly suitable time to get things up and running if you ask us. 

Then, there's the overzealous (we're looking at you Nevada, South Carolina and Rhode Island) who prefer to get into festive spirit 6.5 weeks ahead of December 25th, which runs very close to the spooky season. The bah humbug of the states (Oregon) likes to put up Christmas trees three weeks before the big day, which truthfully seems to be cutting things a little too close.

If you're feeling like the butt of a joke for getting your Douglas Fir out too early, don't sweat it. Everyone likes to extend the holiday season as much as they possibly can: average Americans wait 2.9 weeks after Christmas to take their tree down! So essentially, most people surveyed don't like parting ways with that holiday goodness, even if they're quick to comment on trees that are up in November.

Additionally, the survey found that 54% of people feel like decorating three to four weeks ahead of the holidays is a perfect amount of time, while 31% opt for five to eight weeks. And 22% of people feel judged for getting their inner Clark Griswold on too early.

All in all? Do what works for you: getting into the Christmas spirit early makes you happier, according to science, so if you feel the need to get your vintage ceramic trees (and real trees) out right after Halloween, you do you!

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