This is how to decorate your Christmas tree according to your zodiac sign

It’s time to get festive...

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If you’re into astrology (honestly, who isn’t?) and you’ve already picked out your top gifts for astrology lovers to add to your wishlist, chances are you’ll be looking for other ways to explore your zodiac personality traits.

The good news? Psychic World (opens in new tab) has revealed exactly how to decorate your very own Christmas tree according to your zodiac sign. So if you haven’t already bought your beautiful Nordmann fir—that’s the best kind of tree, FYI—then head down to your local plant nursery and see what’s left, because dressing your tree according to your zodiac sign is a trend no one should miss out on!

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(Image credit: Psychic World)

Sagittarius tree theme: Nordic

This super cool sign is known for having a thirst for knowledge and for their love of chasing adventures, whether geographical, intellectual or spiritual. To complement the Sagittarian nature, go for a Nordic theme that mixes paper and wooden ornaments along with delicate garlands draped over twinkling lights. For added Hygge opt for a sheepskin rug instead of a tree skirt. 

Capricorn tree theme: simplicity

Capricorns are skilled at navigating both the material and emotional realms, which makes them perfectly suited to a simple Christmas tree theme. In short, goats don’t need too much to transform their space—a slim tree will fit just about anywhere and because the body will be sparser, the emphasis is on whatever you choose to decorate with, be it a few decadent ornaments or some delicate beaded garlands.

Aquarius tree theme: seaside

Humanitarian sign Aquarius is representative of a mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land therefore a seaside tree theme is a great fit for this sign. Think rope garlands, sand-colored or soft blue ornaments and go for a starfish at the top rather than a star! If you want to maximize this theme, throw on some netting and frame your tree skirt/base in shells from the beach. Even if you are not an Aquarian, this might be the perfect theme for those dreaming of spending Christmas by the sea. 

Pisces tree theme: candy

Pisces is a water sign that reflects a constant division between fantasy and reality so an OTT theme is the one for you. Throw on every sickly-sweet color you can think of—vibrant pinks, blues, greens, anything goes. For an added pop of the fantastical, scatter candy canes and lollipops throughout.

Aries tree theme: ombre

Bold and ambitious Aires loves to be number one, which is why this star sign needs a theme that stands out from the rest. An ombre theme is sure to impress—simply start with light colors at the top and darken as you reach the base of your tree. For example, you could place white stars at the top, arctic blue baubles in the middle and navy ribbons at the bottom for a winter wonderland theme.

Taurus tree theme: woodland creatures

Perfect for outdoorsy Taureans, who want to pretend they’re celebrating Christmas under the stars, a woodland theme is the one for you.  To achieve it, wrap a simple string of twinkling lights around the tree, then, adorn it with papier-mâché deer, felt squirrels and plenty of woodland animal ornaments.

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Gemini tree theme: multicolored

Gemini is a busy sign that can often feel pulled in a lot of directions so choosing a single color wouldn’t be an option. Go full-on multicolored with bold shapes and clashing decorations—from giant red baubles to blue bows and gold tinsel, if you’re a Gemini who hasn’t got the time or focus to Marie Kondo your tree, this theme is for you.

Cancer tree theme: classic

Those under the sign of Cancer are sensitive and effortlessly pick up on energy. To complement this, stick with a traditional, classic Christmas tree, decorated with delicate reds, golds and oranges, to keep you at ease in your environment. For an extra touch, add several dried orange slices to your tree—the smell they send through the house is the essence of Christmas. 

Leo tree theme: glam

This spirited fire sign is known to bask in the light, with a theatrical and intense passion, meaning a glamorous theme is best suited. Create a warm holiday glow with a stunning gold and bronze color palette, for added glitz use oversized and sparkling decorations! 

Virgo tree theme: farmhouse

This earth sign reflects the practical, perfectionist qualities that suit a farmhouse theme. Go for a real tree, then use neutral gold and white tones that blend with most home decor and make a great base for any country look. Finish with a few rustic festive touches, such as a rattan topper and red checked bows. The trick with this theme is to start simple, then build on it as much or as little as you please—which suits the perfectionists among us.

Libra tree theme: minimalist

Librans champion harmony and equilibrium, which makes them perfectly suited to the minimalist theme. A tree adorned with a simple string of lights and not much else will promote the feeling of an organic environment, so there is very little chance of upsetting a Libran’s sense of balance. But, if you do want to make it jollier, why not decorate with a few pine cones

Scorpio tree theme: white metallic

Scorpio is an intense and powerful sign, so they need a statement tree. There is no bigger statement than a white metallic Christmas tree, particularly when it is set against dark decor. To complete this look, adorn your tree with large metallic baubles, giant snowflakes, and lavish beading.

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