Has Maya Vander left the Oppenheim Group? Here's what's happening with the realtor

Now that the Maya Vander Group has launched in Florida, fans are curious where the realtor stands with the O Group

jason oppenheim and maya vander on a job site in selling sunset season 5
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The O Group office is looking a little empty: where is Maya Vander in Selling Sunset season 6?

Though  Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi have joined the ranks, the seasoned pro seems to be M.I.A., and everyone's confused about what's going on. We had questions about Maya's fate back in Selling Sunset season 5, right as she kickstarted the Maya Vander Group and started splitting her time between Los Angeles and Miami. Now, it looks like she's parted ways with Cali—at least for now. 

So, are we saying goodbye to a beloved realtor, or are we just hyper-focused on the other things happening (i.e. Chrishell and Nicole's fighting, Marie-Lou Nurk's arrival, etc., etc.)?

Has Maya Vander left the Oppenheim Group?

Yes, Maya has officially left the Oppenheim Group and relocated to Miami. In an Instagram reveal, she admits that she finally made the switch and is living in the Sunshine State full-time. And now, Maya Vander Group is part of Compass. 

But that doesn't mean there's bad blood between her and the O Group. In fact, we catch a Maya cameo in season 6. She was unable to come to Heather's baby shower, but video chats in to say hello and share an exciting update: she's expecting! Since she had previously lost a baby at 38 weeks, the ladies were pleased to learn her news.

In an Instagram Story in 2022, she revealed that she was planning to take a step back from the show, but incredibly proud of everything she and her coworkers created. 

"So...I'm very proud of my Selling Sunset family for getting two more seasons and hopefully Emmy nomination," she wrote, according to People. "I decided not to go on with the show and it was not an easy decision! Being part of such a successful hit is absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for!!"

The statement concluded with, "I am so grateful for @netflix..Adam, Skyler and of course Jason for such a great run! Now...let's get an Emmy."

Maya isn't the only one who left the O Group...

Additionally, Vanessa Villela left Selling Sunset and the O Group to venture back to where her real estate career began: The Agency, a.k.a. the rival brokerage and the subject of Netflix's Buying Beverly Hills. She insists there was no bad blood. 

But if bad blood's what you're looking for, you can find it with Christine Quinn. She's left the O Group and isn't in touch with the cast anymore—plus she didn't even attend the Selling Sunset season 5 reunion, the first event of its kind, which indicated she and the team were on the outs. Can Selling Sunset survive without Christine Quinn? You'll have to be the judge. 

Selling Sunset season 6 is now streaming on Netflix, and it's always a good idea to have a snack on hand while marathoning. Emma's empanadas are not required, but highly encouraged. 

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