Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of Lord Anthony Bridgerton

A Jonathan Bailey Calm Sleep Story? Say no more—we'll grab our pillows

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The Jonathan Bailey Calm Sleep Story is a wonderful way to drift off to Never Never Land. Sweet dreams are made of these, indeed. 

We personally believe a handsome Viscount in the key to the perfect sleep environment, and what Regency hunk would be more fitting for the job than Anthony Bridgerton? Allow Jonathan Bailey's eloquent, dreamy voice to help make your eyes heavy and heart flutter.

“I love Calm. I’ve listened to many sleep stories over the years narrated by an eclectic mix of super talented readers, so it’s an honor to release my own," Bailey said in a statement. 

The honor is ours, my Lord. Find your favorite blanket, spruce up on TikTok sleep hack if you feel so inclined and get ready to fall asleep beside the Viscount (well, you get what we mean). 

The Jonathan Bailey Calm Sleep Story

Johnathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in Bridgerton season 2, anthony bridgerton in the bathtub

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Available on Calm beginning April 12, Love Letter From An Englishman, will tell a slightly different story than Bridgerton season 2, but an equally satisfying one. 

"Johnny" Bailey, accompanied by soothing strings, reads a letter from the captain of the HMS Dreamscape who journeys on the seven seas to make his way to a tropical destination. Why? It's all in search of a dazzling, rare flower for his love. 

We know you cannot resist Regency England thanks to the Bridgerton books and Netflix series, but it's equally fun to travel back in time with Bailey to another 1800s-focused story. And, if it helps you get some shut eye, why not indulge? 

The meditation app, one of the best sleep aid products on shelves, is no stranger to the Bridgerton hunks. Last year, the Regé-Jean Page Calm Sleep Story sent fans wild with a soothing tale titled, The Prince and the Naturalist, a journey through rural Old England. 

"I know how valuable relaxation is for us all, especially in trying times, so I couldn’t be more glad to lend my voice to a sleep story," Page said. 

Honestly, it made us feel inclined to pitch a tent in the backyard and grab a sleeping bag. 

If you need a breather and a little sleep assistance, turn your attention towards Bailey's latest project. His relaxing voice is just as lovely as his good looks and sexual tension with Kate Sharma. Pleasant dreams, dears!

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