The best TikTok sleep hacks to help you get some much-needed shuteye

With World Sleep Day approaching, TikTok sleep hacks are the perfect refresher for those looking to catch some Zs

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Want to catch some Zs? These clever TikTok sleep hacks have you covered. 

In between viral hashtags and trendy dances, there are plenty of explainers that will tell you how to get better sleep. Believe it, folks—TikTok is a never-ending resource. 

Instead of searching FYPs, we've made things easier for you with a handy roundup of all-things shuteye. Find the best pajamas in your closet, grab a sleep mask and make yourself cozy under the blankets. Get ready: World Sleep Day, a.k.a. March 18, is fast approaching. 

The best TikTok sleep hacks to try

1. Leave your bedroom for sleep*

When it comes to your bedroom, it should be a sanctuary dedicated to rest (*and sex). Though we know you're fond of your nightly Netflix marathons, save a Bridgerton binge for another space in your abode.

When you slip under the covers, you'll want to be free of any tech devices that can discourage a good night's rest. It's all about blankets and that hygge vibe!


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2. Eat the right food

You don't want to indulge in a big meal before bed, but you don't want to sleep on an empty stomach, either. It's all about striking that balance. 

If you are hungry at night, why not opt for foods that are high in melatonin? Try snacking on cherries, kiwi, banana, oatmeal and honey before you hit the hay. 


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3. Make your room dark

Blinds are a great way to use darkness and light to your advantage. Your mind will pick up on the darkness and know that it is time for bed. If you already have blinds but they fit really poorly, the TikTok user below has a hack to banish the light gaps for good. 

Although sunset lamps, TikTok's go-to trick, might be gaining popularity, you might want to save one of these babies for the den or living room. 


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4. Add a sleep scent

Many of us use reed diffusers to help our homes smell nice and fresh when friends come round. But not many ever think of adding a reed diffuser to a bedroom to aid sleep. At nighttime, they are a great alternative to best scented candles.

Alternatively, a sleep mist used by the likes of Rihanna and Harry Styles is perfect for spraying on your pillow as you will breathe the scent directly, sending you to sleep quickly.

Not sure where to begin? We round up the best sleep smells to help kickstart your R.E.M. cycle properly. (Think lavender and chamomile.)


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5. Rub the ridge behind your ear

If you're having trouble sleeping, a TikTok user who goes by the name of @DoctorHanson, advises: "You want to rub the spot right here. It's called the 'Animian', it means peaceful sleep and you want to cover your ear, slide your finger back until you find the little ridge right here."

He continues, "It's going to be tender and sore, rub in a circular motion 100-200 times and that's going to help relax your nervous system, calm things down and help you sleep easier." 

Check out the demo below and give it a try yourself.


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6. Try 4-7-8 breathing

TikTok user @Maxandfacts has some sound advice. He said: "When you're laying in bed close your mouth and breathe through your nose for four seconds, then hold your breath for seven seconds and finally release your breath for eight seconds with a whooshing sound. If you repeat this four times you can fall asleep in as fast as one minute." 

Time to give the 4-7-8 breathing technique a go and destress. Say it with us now, "Ahh..."


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7. Turn to crystals

That's right, there are plenty of crystals to help sleep improve. Why not turn to Celestite for calm and serenity, or Amethyst to help you get in a mindful state. And, who are we kidding? Crystals make the perfect home decor accessory, too!


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Now that you've learned how to create the perfect sleep environment, there's just one thing left to do: get comfy! 

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