The new Kanye West music video is facing major backlash

The 'Eazy' music video made jaws drop for its troubling depiction of Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian's new flame

Kanye West at Fashion Week
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The Kanye West music video for "Eazy" seemingly takes emotional abuse to a new level. 

The rapper has been distraught over Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's budding romance amid his divorce from the SKIMS founder and reality star. He began taunting the two with scathing social media posts, many of which have since been deleted. Now, he is launching attacks in his lyrics.

"Eazy" depicts a claymation Davidson being kidnapped, tied up and buried alive. One of the track's lines includes: "God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson's ass." 

The "Donda" rapper shared the troubling video on Tuesday, March 2, following the Kim Kardashian name change and single status that took place hours earlier.

Kanye West music video: 'Eazy' controversy

Ye took to Instagram to share his latest track and arguably his most controversial song to date. Needless to say, fans believe Kanye "harassing" Kim is a never-ending saga. Have a look at "Eazy" below and decide for yourself. 


Fans react to the 'Eazy' music video

While the artist's loyal following praised his latest song, many were quick to point out its problematic material. 

"What in the actual…" one user wrote in the video's comment sections. Another sarcastically chimed in, "This seems healthy." 

Fans also took to Twitter to share their thoughts on "Eazy," which has resulted in a mixture of confusion and worry. 

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Since Kardashian and West split, the musician has been publicly lashing out at his ex-wife, though it appears he has attempted to move on. He recently split from Julia Fox but seems to currently be keeping company with a Kardashian-lookalike, Chaney Jones. 

We've all asked ourselves "Should you stay friends with an ex?" but erratic behavior like this certainly makes matters complicated. Here's hoping, for West and Kardashian's children's sake, there will be an end to the problematic behavior. 

Should you experience this type of virtual backlash from a former partner, do not feel afraid to take action.

"Seek social support from trusted family and friends; consider taking a break from online activity," Dr. Chris Barry, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Washington State University recommends. "If the behavior crosses a line into threats, harassment [or] bullying, contact law enforcement and/or the online application on which the behavior occurred."

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