Why leave-in conditioner is a hair savior during winter months

Give your locks some TLC

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The weather really affects you a lot more than you might think. We know that weather can affect periods, your mood and even leave your skin feeling dry and irritated—hence why it's called 'winter skin'. What you may not know is that even your hair can suffer the effects of a cold snap, but according to the experts, a leave-in conditioner could solve your hair woes!

There’s a reason why places in the UK have been voted the worst for your hair, as it’s cold and rainy 360 days out of the year—not factual but it sure feels true. 

Winter cold snaps, wind, rain, and even using your heating more can all lead to your usually smooth and silky locks starting to feel brittle, dry, and dull. According to Senior colorist and Stylist, Stephane Ferreira, at Live True London, there is something we can do to protect our hair from damage—enter leave-In conditioner.

What are the benefits of using a leave-in conditioner? 

So what are the benefits of leave-in conditions you ask? Ferriera explains it's the fastest way to treat, hydrate, and nourish your hair and will work and protect your tresses all day.

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Ferriera explains that many find hair masks too much effort as they, like a face mask, need to be left on and then rinsed off. A leave-in conditioner provides a similar treatment but you can simply apply, and go.

It’s the perfect product to add to your everyday beauty routine, and he adds: “It will assist with the day-to-day process of detangling and protecting the hair from external factors, especially during the colder months when wearing hats and constantly changing from hot to cold environments.”

How should leave-in conditioners vary between hair types and textures? 

Different hair types will have different needs. Ferriera says: ”Hair oils and creams will suit dry and thicker hair that needs extra care, while gels and sprays will suit dry thinner hair. If your hair is weakened, you probably need to add in some protein, so it’s best to look for a leave-in treatment that is protein-based.”

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If you’re unsure, or the products you’ve tried aren't helping, you can also just chat to your hairstylist, who will be able to advise you on your hair type and needs.

How often should you use a leave-in conditioner? 

What’s so great and convenient about leave-in conditions is you can use it as often as you like. Whether it’s every time you wash your hair, to restyle, or just to help detangle it in the mornings. Whatever your routine, leave-in conditioner fits perfectly, with no stress. 

What should you look for in a leave-in conditioner

Ferriera says it’s best to look for an ‘all-rounder’ that will add protein, moisture,  offers heat protection, and won’t fade your hair if it’s colored.

He also recommends avoiding products with silicone as this coats and weighs down the hair, and says sprays are the easiest to use.

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