The Lindsay Lohan 'Jingle Bell Rock' remix has everyone thinking the same thing

Kind of reminds you of a certain winter talent show, no?

lindsay lohan and chord overstreet in netflix rom-com 'falling for christmas'
(Image credit: Scott Everett White/Netflix)

2004 called, and it's dirty dancing to the Lindsay Lohan "Jingle Bell Rock" remix on the North Shore High School stage.

Cady Heron (Lohan) is reigniting her career with a Netflix holiday rom-com titled Falling For Christmas this month. Needless to say, the romantics in us have all penciled her long-awaited return into our screen time

The film focuses on Lohan, who plays a wealthy heiress who loses her memory after a skiing accident. But, it just so happens she finds herself in the care of an oh-so-handsome widower just as the festive season gets underway, as luck would have it. 

For the acting occasion, Lohan also decided to use her singing chops for a remake of the famous Christmas ballad. 

The Lindsay Lohan 'Jingle Bell Rock' remix for Netflix

Should you feel the need to get your karaoke on, have a look and listen to Lohan's "Jingle Bell Rock" lyric video from Netflix. And it's also available on Spotify and iTunes. Hey, science says getting into the Christmas spirit early boosts our mood, so consider this permission to belt one out. 

Yes, we're anxiously awaiting the best Christmas movies on Netflix, but something about this video makes us think of another "Jingle Bell Rock" performance. You know the one.

And just like that we're back at the infamous winter talent show unleashing our inner Regina George's mom (Amy Poehler). How many times will we play Lohan's remix? The limit does not exist. 

Of course, it didn't take the internet long to respond with sheer delight about this nod to Mean Girls, a cult classic.

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What'd we tell ya? Pure happiness. Grool!

Falling for Christmas hits Netflix on November 10. Oh, and Mean Girls is streaming on Paramount+, just in case you need a dose of nostalgia.

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