This Love Is Blind party game is the perfect way to keep your guests entertained

Are you and your beau more Lauren and Cameron or Giannina and Damian?

Love Is Blind cast
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Is there a method to the Love Is Blind madness? Can this experimental relationship tactic truly work? Now's your chance to find out...sort of.

A party game inspired by the Netflix hit is the perfect way to keep your guests on their toes. With a slew of questions, the race to earn hearts—and ultimately tie the knot—players can get a taste of life in the pods (without the pressure of blindly marrying someone on reality TV)! 

Will you and your match be fate a la Lauren and Cameron, or are you an on-again, off-again pair like Damian and Giannina? Once you binge the reunion special Love Is Blind: After the Altar, we certainly encourage snagging this game ahead of future get-togethers. 

Love Is Blind: The Party Game—how to play

Much like the show, your goal is to find a partner, propose, and dominate as a power couple. No pressure! 

Step one: Answer multiple choice questions from Pod Cards in order to find your match. ("The thing I'm most attracted to in a partner is..." "I would tell someone if they had food in their teeth..." are among the selections.) In the process, you'll earn hearts, and whoever shares the most hearts pairs up! 

Step two: Once you're a pair, it's up to you to race to earn nine hearts, which allows you to tie the knot (aka win the game). Now's the time to truly find out what makes a relationship work, and your partner in question might not be who you were expecting! Ready to find out?

If you're more keen on seeing the reality TV couples who've crashed and burned, we'll tell you how to tune in for the reunion special.

Love Is Blind: The Party Game $19.82 

Love Is Blind: The Party Game $19.82 

Who will be your partner? Will you two make it down the aisle? With this game of questions and race to earn hearts—all inspired by the Netflix hit Love Is Blind—you'll find out!

How to watch the Love Is Blind reunion 2021

Get ready for some excitement! Love Is Blind: After the Altar, the three-part series, hits Netflix on July 28.

New season of Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind first filmed in 2019 and was released in 2020. The 2021 reunion special, Love Is Blind: After the Altar, will catch up with contestants from the debut season. It's unclear when we'll get a second season of the dating show. 

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