'Love Island's' Casa Amor is changing and we predict an extra dose of drama

We have some news about Love Island's Casa Amor ahead of the winter version...

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This Love Island Casa Amor bombshell is bound to throw contestants—and viewers—for a loop. For the first time in three years, a winter season of the reality show will return with a new location, a new host (hey Maya Jama!) and new ground rules. Oh, and Casa Amor will be closer than ever. Even though temperatures are cooling off, we have a feeling tensions will be heating up.

So what's new about 'Love Island's' Casa Amor?

In the show's history, the second villa is typically miles away from the first. Given that it's known for causing chaos—a.k.a. some of the most memorable Love Island moments of all time—contestants appreciated the safe distance between each location. 

Now, things have changed: the Casa Amor villa will be a mere few feet away from the first, right on the same site. We expect things to get a little uncomfortable...to say the least.

"This year, it really could be a case of having trouble with the neighbors as the bombshells try to crack couples apart," a source revealed to The Sun

What is Casa Amor, 'Love Island's' second villa?

For the uninitiated, Casa Amor is a second villa on Love Island where either the girls or the boys (depending on which group has to leave the main villa) stay for a few days. While there, they are introduced to new islanders. The group that stays behind also gets a fresh batch of islanders, and everyone gets to know each with some sexy challenges thrown in for good measure. It usually happens at a point when couples are becoming solid, so unsurprisingly, chaos ensues—tears, breakups, you name it. 

The islanders then reunite in what is usually the most dramatic recoupling of the season, with both parties having to choose between sticking with their original partner or someone new—without any idea of what their other half has been up to in the neighboring villa. Yikes!

If you're curious about the Love Island UK couples still together, fast forward past all-things Casa Amor. (Wondering "When does Casa Amor end?" The stay itself might not be terribly lengthy, but it can feel like years for the romantics who were banking on their relationships.)

Be prepared to see how this new factor unfolds over the next few weeks. If you were wondering, "When is the next Love Island UK," fear not—it'll take place in January 2023, though a specific date is still under wraps. In the meantime, catch up with shows like Love Island and watch a few Maya Jama TV shows to get acquainted with your new host. 

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