5 shows like Love Island if you're missing the villa

If you've got a big villa-shaped hole in your life, these shows like Love Island should fulfil all your binge-watching requirements

Love Island 2022 contestants
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If you feel like you've got a big Love Island-shaped hole in your life now that the show has come to an end, we're right there with you—summer just isn't quite the same now. But thankfully, there are plenty of shows like Love Island around to keep us company, and to fill that daily gap in our TV schedule!

This year's series of the dating show gave us pretty much everything. There was relationship drama, arguments between friends, romantic reunions (Ekin-Su and Davide, we're looking at you), and plenty of laughs in between.

So if you're wondering what to do with yourself now, and desperate for that next hit of dating show goodness, look no further than these five shows like Love Island UK that should tide you over nicely (until season nine, that is).

Shows like Love Island: what to watch next

1. Love Island USA!

Yep—we'd say a pretty good replacement for Love Island UK would be Love Island USA! If you're from the US, you might already be well into the series, as it started back on July 19 on Peacock, with Sarah Hyland as the host.

However, if you're in the UK, you might be keen to know how to watch Love Island USA to get in on all of that sweet sweet love-related drama once more.

The show, which is filmed in Hawaii, appears to be just as juicy as its UK counterpart, with a Casa Amor segment currently ongoing, and re-couplings aplenty. We're definitely diving in—especially as the first Love Island UK couple have already split...

2. Are You The One?

Are You The One? is a US reality dating show with a twist—and it's the perfect replacement for Love Island.

The series, which first began in 2014 in America, features young singles, who are then paired up by producers using a 'matchmaking algorithm'. Throughout the course of the show, contestants must try and identify these matches, and can discover if the match is correct via the 'truth booth'. 

The very first UK version of the show has just hit screens (8 August) on MTV, which is great news for Brits!

There's also set to be a global edition of Are You The One?, which is reportedly currently in production.

3. Too Hot To Handle

Imagine Love Island, but raunchier—we think that's the best way to sum up Too Hot To Handle in just a few words.

This Netflix hit premiered back in 2020, with the Too Hot To Handl third season coming to our screens earlier this year. The initial premise is remarkably similar to Love Island; a bunch of hot young things, sharing a house, on a beautiful island, looking for love. But that's kind of where the similarities stop. 

On THTH, the contestants (enrolled onto the show under false pretenses), are told after a day (or less) in their new home, that they are not allowed sexual contact of any kind with any of their fellow contestants. That means no kissing, no touching, and definitely not anything else. You can imagine how that might go down...

This year, the prize money was set at $200,000—double last year's amount. And every time someone breaks the rules, this amount goes down. Trust us, this one is full of lust, betrayal, and plenty of emotion.

You can catch all three seasons of the show in the US and UK on Netflix now. Wondering who is still together from Too Hot To Handle season 2? We have the answers!

4. Temptation Island

Another day, another island—this time, Temptation Island. Shows like Love Island don't come much more dramatic than this one!

Unlike Love Island though, contestants on this program enter as long-term couples, each of which has varying questions or concerns about their relationship.

Searching for clarity on their feelings, the couples are separated into men and women, and each enter two different villas. But these villas are full of people who are there to date them—hence, the temptation.

The original couples have no contact with each other until the end of the show, but they are shown snippets of their partner's escapades throughout. You can just imagine how juicy this gets...

There are six UK seasons of Temptation Island to binge on e4, and three seasons in the US, which you can watch on Discovery+.

5. Ex On The Beach

Originally a UK show, Ex On The Beach sees a mix of 'celebrity' reality stars set up camp in a beach house for the summer, with the intention of finding love.

But, as the name suggests, many of the contestant's exes periodically show up (*cough* emerge out of the sea *cough*), to put their new connections to the test, and to force them to confront painful issues from their past. Like Love Island, you can pretty much guarantee drama. In fact, a few former Love Island stars have even been on this one themselves!

There are five seasons of the US Ex On The Beach, which can be watched on Hulu, and nine seasons of the UK version, which is shown on MTV. There's even a 'Celeb Ex In The City' version of the show too!

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