Been eyeing that super-pricey Lululemon MIRROR for a while? It's $500 off for Cyber Monday!

If the Lululemon MIRROR price has kept you from buying the trendy fitness tool, this Cyber Monday sale is here to change your mind

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The Lululemon MIRROR has been on our workout wishlist for a while—the Lululemon MIRROR price, however, has admittedly made some of us a little less trigger-happy when it comes to actually purchasing the trendy fitness tech. 

If you're in the same boat, we've got happy news for you: as part of the Lululemon Cyber Monday sale, the beloved activewear brand is slashing prices for the Lululemon MIRROR in a major way. We're talking a whopping $500 off! Here's everything you need to know.

Get $500 off the Lululemon MIRROR price during Cyber Monday

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MIRROR Basic: $̶1̶,̶4̶9̶5̶ $995 (33% off) | Lululemon (opens in new tab)
MIRROR Essentials:
$̶1̶,̶6̶9̶5̶  $1,195 (30% off) | Lululemon (opens in new tab)
$̶1̶,̶7̶9̶5̶  $1,295 (28% off | Lululemon (opens in new tab)
MIRROR Family: $̶2̶,̶0̶4̶5̶  $1,545 (25% off) | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

As a little gift to you early-bird shoppers, Lululemon made their MIRROR Cyber Monday deal available starting from November 1. As part of the sale, each of the four subscription packages—MIRROR Basic ($1,495), MIRROR Essentials ($1,695), MIRROR Pro ($1,795) and MIRROR Family ($2,045)—are marked down $500 when you use the promo code HOLIDAY21 at checkout through Monday, November 29. 

A much-welcome added bonus? You can get delivery and installation—usually a $750 value—for absolutely free during the Cyber Monday event. 

The Lululemon MIRROR is a 53-by-21-inch smart mirror that can be either wall-mounted or freestanding, and it's operated via a corresponding app that works with both iOS and Android. Through the app, you can try out thousands of classes ranging in both time (from five minutes to 60 minutes) and genre, whether you're after resistance band exercises, online Pilates classes, or HIIT workouts.  

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Shop Lululemon MIRROR accessories and add-ons:

The brand also announced MIRROR add-ons ahead of the sale, including connected dumbbells and ankle weights, so you can have a whole new home gym by year's end!

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MIRROR Weights: $50 - $200 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

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The Reversible Mat 5MM: $78 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

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MIRROR Fitness Bands: $49.95 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

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MIRROR Ankle Weights: $80 - $95 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

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Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block: $18 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

We're all about splurge-worthy Treat Yourself vibes but when you can treat yourself whilst getting $500 off? Now that's a win-win! 

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