The most searched for Christmas song has been revealed, but it's not what you think

Has the Queen of Christmas officially been dethroned?

Mariah Carey dressed in white standing in front of a white Christmas tree
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Just in time to tweak your holiday playlist, the most searched for Christmas song has been revealed. Upon learning the findings, however, we can't help but wonder if the Queen of Christmas has been dethroned!

Mariah Carey declared it Christmastime mere seconds after Halloween wrapped up—the ghost and ghouls barely made it back into storage. However, the pop star's uber-hit "All I Want for Christmas is You" is shockingly not the top search in the US or the UK, much to our surprise. *Cue the Kevin McCallister scream face* 

So...what Christmas jingle do people want to listen to? 

The most searched for Christmas song is...

Home Essentials did a little digging to uncover various countries' favorite holiday tunes. Using Google search data, the company uncovered that Wham! is actually the go-to search. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! 

This year, to save Mariah from tears, no one reveal the info below to the holiday enthusiast!

  • United Kingdom: "Last Christmas" by Wham! at 1,733,500 searches
  • United States: "Feliz Navidad" at 2,022,100 searches 
  • France: "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey at 163,400 searches
  • Spain: "Feliz Navidad" at 1,276,100 searches
  • Italy: "Jingle Bells" at 397,200 searches
  • Germany: "Last Christmas" by Wham! at 530,100 searches
  • South Africa: "Last Christmas" by Wham! at 36,600 searches
  • Australia: "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey at 106,900 searches

Although we were certainly not prepared for that "Feliz Navidad" reveal, the good news is that the more holiday tunes on your Spotify list, the merrier, quite literally. Science says that getting into the Christmas spirit early actually makes us feel happier, so we say find some eggnog, grab the tinsel and enjoy your favorite songs—whatever they might be—while you rock around the Christmas tree (pun very much intended).

Danielle Valente
Danielle Valente

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