Can you guess the most searched sex scenes? This study has the surprising results

There are a few unexpected mentions that no one saw coming

meg ryan orgasm scene in when harry met sally

It appears the Bridgerton ship has sailed. Currently, the most searched sex scenes on the internet have nothing to do with the steamy historical romance...or any romance for that matter. 

In fact, we're willing to bet you cannot guess the iconic sex scenes that are most in demand, but that's where Lovehoney comes in. The sexual wellness company decided to dig into Americans' viewing habits to uncover the top five steamy scenes in movies and TV shows based on monthly search volume. Let's just say the results are...eclectic.

"Viewing sex on TV and in movies can release feel good hormones such as dopamine," Ness Cooper, clinical sexologist and therapist, told Lovehoney. "Some people may experience a form of excitement transference from the characters’ actions, words and emotions. And sometimes the storylines may be what’s making it more exciting, rather than the actual erotic acts themselves."

So, which big screen and silver screen moments are getting people hot and bothered? Drumroll, please...

What are the most searched sex scenes from movies?

No mention of Titanic or The Notebook anywhere in sight...

  • Deadpool: 8,900 monthly searches
  • House of Gucci: 8,500 monthly searches
  • 365 Days: 6,500 monthly searches
  • Midsommar: 5,100 monthly searches
  • Sausage Party: 4,500 monthly searches

For the uninitiated, Sausage Party is an animated Seth Rogen film about grocery store goods that try to escape being purchased and eaten...but manage to have a few sexy moments in between their existential crisis. 

What are the most searched sex scenes from TV?

  • Sex/Life: 6,600 monthly searches
  • HPeacemaker: 5,800 monthly searches
  • Game of Thrones: 5,700 monthly searches
  • Euphoria: 4,000 monthly searches
  • Pam and Tommy: 3,200 monthly searches

Although Sex/Life season 2 remains somewhat of a mystery, the viral Adam Demos shower scene, and its showstopper, are still as popular as ever. 

"People usually ask is it real or is it a prosthetic? And I can tell you what Adam Demos says about it, which is, a gentleman never tells," Stacy Rukeyser, the show's creator, told Collider. "So, we are leaving that up to the viewer's imagination."

What do you make of the findings? Do you agree?

If you want to dig into Lovehoney's other studies, the company uncovered which members of the zodiac are most likely to experience sex dreams, how people feel about sex as a workout and the pitfalls of celebration sex, to name just a few. Happy researching, friends.

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