Octopus hair is going to be everywhere—here's how to nail the look

It's not easy to achieve, but the octopus hairstyle is certainly a top request

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Thanks to the octopus hair trend sweeping salon chairs, the ocean's most popular cephalopods are getting some time in the spotlight. 

Not quite a wolf cut and a bit longer than the traditional mullet, the octopus 'do is meant to emulate the creature's tentacles. Though fierce and edgy, the 2022 hair trend requires some maintenance. 

If you're ready to request the look and rock a chic nod to the 80s, there are a few things hairstylist Neil Moodie (opens in new tab) wants you to know before diving under the sea. 

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Octopus hair trend—how it works

There's a lot involved, and the top and bottom layers of the octopus are disconnected from one another, according to Moodie. This style is best achieved for those with shoulder-length hair—any shorter, and the look might not be a possibility. 

As for the act of chopping off strands, your stylist will need to be intricate. 

"The top is cut into a bowl-shaped hair cut or longer," Moodie says. "[The outer edges] should be soft, possibly razored off and not cut with scissors unless it is point cut with texture. The length around the sides and back should be left long and then thinned or razored out. The front will resemble a side-swept fringe once cut."

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Octopus hair trend tips

Keep in mind that the octopus will be satisfying in the moment, but you'll have to consider the TLC in the long run as well. 

"It's quite a commitment," Moodie says. "Whilst growing it out will be ok for the first few months, you will eventually need to change the style completely by probably cutting off the longer length underneath."

Even though the octopus is possible for those with curls, it's not always a simple

"This particular hairstyle works best with poker straight or slightly wavy hair types," says Gökhan Vayni, hair transplant and aesthetics specialist at Vera Clinic (opens in new tab). " If your hair is particularly frizzy, be sure to use some smoothing product/oil before attempting. 

As for the ideal way to go the octopus route? Forget the fancy tools (yes, even though you love your Dyson Supersonic hairdryer).

"The best way to keep this style looking natural is to air dry once wet and washed for the best octopus flair," Vayni says. 

This will likely be one of many new takes on the traditional mullet. 

"It's that timeless style that keeps getting reinvented," says Kristina Dimoplon, stylist at Live By the Sword Salon (opens in new tab) in Brooklyn, New York. "It's a bold, edgy cut that you can make your own."

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