Is there a 'Perfect Match' reunion in the works?

We know the winners, now we're waiting on a 'Perfect Match' reunion. Lookin' at you, Netflix!

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The debut season just wrapped, but can we expect a Perfect Match reunion? 

Viewers quickly gobbled up the new Netflix dating series, raking in 22.4 million viewing hours and counting, so it's clear that they are not finished with the Perfect Match couples just yet. Some sort of closure would be nice, right?

Though—spoiler—the pairs do not find lasting romance post-villa, there have been plenty of interesting dynamics that have transpired between the Perfect Match cast members once the cameras stopped rolling. In our opinion, it only makes sense to revisit the series. And heck, we need a little bit of a breather after the Scandoval news. 

So, where does Netflix stand on the catch-up? We'll fill you in. 

Will there be a 'Perfect Match' reunion?

As of press time, plans for a Perfect Match reunion have yet to be revealed, though plenty of people are holding out hope for a catch-up. But if Twitter's anything to go by, there are a few members of the household that they hope never make their way onto screens again. 

However, given that this is a dating series hosted by Nick Lachey—and, like Love is Blind before it, those tend to follow up with reunions and post-show catch-ups—we're not convinced the door has been least not yet. Once the streamer shares plans of a potential reunion, or lack thereof, you'll be the first ones in the loop. 

What's next for the series?

Along with a reunion special, impatient viewers are also curious if there will be a Perfect Match season 2. Netflix has yet to release any information on a sophomore installment, but we're more than happy to help strategize while the heavyweights make plans. Considering we're headed for Love Is Blind season 4 and just wrapped Too Hot To Handle season 4 in late 2022, there are definitely some reality show singles floating around who might want to give dating on TV another chance. 

Even some of the cast is rooting for a return to the Panama City villa. In conversation with Netflix Tudum (opens in new tab), Dom said, "I don’t know if there’s anyone from Selling Tampa that’s still single, or maybe Cheer,” he says. “Gabi, if she's single. I don’t know if you’re watching this, but hey, how are you doing? Maybe I’ll see you on Season 2.”

We love a good plan!

Perfect Match season 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Want more romance? Check out Love Is Blind season 4 premiering on March 24. 

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