TV's most stylish shows of all time have been revealed, and you won't believe the winner

The fashion experts at Boohoo collected data on TV's most stylish shows, and let's just say we were *not* expecting those results

Clips from stylish shows including Emily in Paris, Friends and Wednesday all on a pastel background
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If you were to crown TV's most stylish shows of all time, which series would name the winner?

Competition is certainly fierce: Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection in Sex and the City is nothing short of dazzling. The best Rachel Green outfits—that green dress!—are as iconic as her famous haircut. And let's not forget about the 2000s fashion trends Blair and Serena rocked on a regular basis during Gossip Girl. (Those scarves!)

To see which characters' closets everyone is dying to raid, fashion experts at Boohoo, analyzed Google search data to uncover the most fashionable TV shows of not only the year but of all time, but the results might not be what you had expected. Ready to see who made the cut?

Can you guess TV's most stylish shows of all time?

Something classic? Something new? Who received the title? Before we jump the gun and reveal the show that took home the gold, have a look at 2022's most stylish shows (and their combined monthly searches for fashion). 

meghann fahy as daphne sullivan in The White Lotus season 2

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TV's top 10 most stylish shows of 2022:

  • Euphoria: 132,900 searches
  • Emily in Paris: 39,900 searches
  • Stranger Things: 28,800 searches
  • Peaky Blinders: 18,200 searches
  • Bridgerton: 14,400 searches
  • Killing Eve: 1,350 searches
  • Heartstopper: 1,180 searches 
  • The Crown: 960 searches 
  • The White Lotus: 600 searches
  • Wednesday: 260 searches 

There are plenty of avant-garde Emily in Paris fashion moments that will make you do a double take, especially now that season 3 has hit Netflix as of Wednesday, December 21. Bridgerton upped the ante for #cottagecore and Euphoria gave us an excuse to experiment with large helpings of glitter. 

However, The White Lotus outfits truly stole the show, particularly Harper's white mini dress. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Wednesday Addams outfits proved that goth garb is actually wearable beyond Halloween (we promise). 

Given that these shows were responsible for large parts of our screen time this year, we weren't terribly shocked by the results.

TV's most stylish shows of all time

Below are the most stylish shows of all time (and their combined monthly searches for fashion), one of which has us very surprised. 

maddy from euphoria in the girls' room in season 2

(Image credit: Eddy Chen/HBO)
  • Euphoria: 132,900 searches
  • Emily in Paris: 39,900 searches 
  • Stranger Things: 28,800 searches
  • Peaky Blinders: 18,200 searches
  • Friends: 16,500 searches
  • Bridgerton: 14,400 searches
  • That '70s Show: 6,200 searches
  • Gossip Girl: 3,300 searches 
  • Sex and the City: 3,250 searches
  • Gilmore Girls: 3,000 searches

While we're all for Rue's Euphoria outfits—she has been dubbed the most popular TV style icon—and we can't say no to the shimmery Euphoria makeup looks, it's hard to believe that a show that's only been streaming for two seasons managed to take the cake! We barely got past 1995—think of all that we're missing! Perhaps Gen Z is responsible for these findings? 

What do you think of the results? Do you agree?

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