These thirsty 'Bridgerton' tweets keep the fun going long after you've finished season 2

These 'Bridgerton' tweets say everything we were thinking while watching season 2

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton in episode 208 of Bridgerton
(Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix)

If you're like us, you've already devoured every episode of Bridgerton season 2 at least once. And while we wait with an absolute yearning for Bridgerton season 3 to come around, we've distracted ourselves with—what else?—social media. 

Thankfully, along with a wealth of Bridgerton memes, Twitter users have been unleashing horny AF Bridgerton tweets on the interwebs ever since the sophomore season of the Netflix hit dropped on Friday, March 25. 

The tweets are loaded with unadulterated Anthony Bridgerton thirst (we can't really blame people, we too saw Jonathan Bailey emerge from the water during that Bridgerton lake scene), outright swoons over season 2's leading lady Kate Sharma (I mean, Simone Ashley is drop-dead gorgeous, no?) and a desperate want to be vexed by someone. 

There may be fewer sex scenes in season two ("The payoff is really earned," Bailey recently told People magazine, and after watching that sensual season finale, we can't help but agree!), but that doesn't mean there is any less steaminess if these parched-as-hell tweets are anything to go by. Here are some of our favorites. 

The thirstiest 'Bridgerton' tweets on the internet:

1. You call that behavior "gentlemanly"?

Anthony Bridgerton may talk the gentlemanly talk, but his downright feral actions say otherwise.

2. An "offensively" great glow-up

Jonathan Bailey was already glowing plenty in season 1, so the season 2 transformation is truly something to behold. 

3. Sexy social distancing

Give us a super-hot six feet apart at all times, thanks!

4. All hail Queen Kate

This is absolutely the correct response to an encounter with the one, the only, Kate in Bridgerton, played by the luminous Simone Ashley

5. Uh, guys, we can see you

There are, in fact, other people at this dinner party. Behave accordingly.

6. Tell me sweet little lies

This is the only kind of dishonesty we'll allow in a relationship. 

7. Them thighs though

Will Mondrich is an absolute knock-out. And so are his gams.

8. A girl can dream, right?

Same, Cassie, same. 

9. Feminism who? We don't know her

Us throwing our independence and morals straight out the window for a British man. 

10. We don't mind a mouthy man

This is the future we want, ladies and gentlefolk.

11. BRB, trying to catch our breath

Can you pass us our inhaler, please?

Gird your loins: Bridgerton seasons 1 and 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

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