This is why you should never sleep naked—according to a doctor

It’s pretty gross

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TikTok is the best place to find all things hacks and beauty trends. It taught us how to do Bella Hadid’s iconic bun and how to create the perfect 90s blowout, but the doctors of TikTok are also sharing some handy health tips and info—and we’ve just learned why we shouldn’t sleep naked.

TikTok’s medical side can be really helpful, from learning why you might have missed a period to discovering the pillow sex trick (which if you haven’t tried, we thoroughly recommend). 

Now Dr. Anthony Youn has explained why you really shouldn’t sleep naked, especially with a partner. And a pre-warning—the reason is really gross.


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In his video, he explains that when you sleep, you fart, and when you fart you release particles of—you know—into the air. They’re minuscule but they’re still there! These particles get on your sheets and may even get on your partner. But if you wear pants or pjs, they catch the particles so they travel no further.

So basically, it’s just more hygienic to wear pajamas or pants. Dr. Youn does add a caveat: "For women—if your gyno tells you to sleep without underwear then listen to them. For guys—put your tighty whities on before bed!”

TikTokers were understandably very upset at this news, with one writing: “I will sleep alone for the rest of my life now.”

Another added: “Don’t tell me how to live my best life.”

High Angle View Of Woman Sleeping On Bed - stock photo

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And another jokingly asked what we were all thinking: “How was this study conducted😂?”

Sleeping naked is disputed, and some studies have actually found that sleeping naked does improve your sleep quality.

According to the Metro, a study by TheDozyOwl found that those who slept fully naked experienced better REM sleep and actually more body confidence.

So if you can still sleep naked after this revelation, that's your choice, and if you can’t it might be time to treat yourself to a new pair of pjs.

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