Revelations from the Truth or Drink 'Love Is Blind' game that we can't get over

Let's raise a (golden) wine glass to our season 4 newlyweds and their willingness to answer embarrassing questions

brett and tiffany from love is blind season 4 at the reunion
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All eyes are on the newlyweds! The Truth or Drink Love Is Blind edition has gotten just as much attention as Netflix's notorious "live" reunion. 

Our Love Is Blind season 4 couples came together, with golden wine glasses in hand, to get to know their spouse on a deeper level. Given that they've just participated in one of the oddest reality dating shows in existence, you'd think a few uncomfortable questions wouldn't faze them, right? 

When Kwame and Chelsea, Brett and Tiffany and Zack and Bliss ventured over to gaming and media company Cut for a Truth or Drink game, plenty of laughs and surprises ensued.

Unexpected revelations from Truth or Drink: 'Love Is Blind' edition

Cut's famous game, Truth or Drink, requires participants to ask uncomfortable questions to their partners, and they have the option to either answer or take a shot.  Some of the Q's that came up throughout the video clip include, "Who's better in bed?" "Who gossiped about me in the pods?" and more. 

Now that we've been on an entire journey with this crew, we pretty much knew what to expect from the lovebirds, but we'll admit, there were a few revelations we did not see coming. 

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1. Brett and Tiffany got flack

Hold the phone: how do you not immediately fall in love with Tiff and Brett? The fan favorites of the season turned us all into hopeful romantics, but we were surprised to learn that they both have a fear of outside commentary getting in the way of their connection. 

"I've gotten some haters, but it is what it is," Tiffany revealed. 

Who are these people? There are quite a few fans who would like a word...

2. Zack got it all wrong

No, we're not just talking about Irina, though obviously, Zack got his first proposal very wrong. He had completely imagined Bliss differently. 

"I imagined her in overalls with long blonde hair," he confessed.

3. Jackie talked smack about Kwame

Apparently, Jackie was not in favor of Kwame and Chelsea splitting the bills; she thought the man should be the one responsible. 

"She wanted to come to me and act like that was a problem," Chelsea joked. "That's not a problem, I'm a grown-ass b****!"

4. Brett was disappointed

Apparently, when Brett rewatched the season, he wished he had done things differently when he finally got to meet Tiffany in person for the first time. 

"Even when I watch it, I didn't show up the way I wanted to," he said. 

We, for one, are completely in favor.

5. Bliss cringed a lot

Bliss, one of our favorite ladies, couldn't stand listening to the sound of her own voice on screen and considered it her cringiest moment. Then, she had a brief moment to think and ultimately decided that Zack's declaration of love to Irina was worse.

"Your song might've been cringey," she said with a laugh.

If you were one of the lucky ones who did get to see the "live" reunion, catch up with our play-by-play in the Love Is Blind reunion recap. If not, here's how to watch the Love Is Blind reunion

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