When was 'Guys Night' on 'Vanderpump Rules'?

The Scandoval timeline shifted after that reunion, but when was 'Guys Night' on 'Vanderpump Rules' exactly?

When was Guys Night on Vanderpump Rules? -- Pictured: Raquel Leviss on VANDERPUMP RULES
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Allegedly it's the event that kickstarted Tom and Raquel's affair, but exactly when was "Guys Night" on Vanderpump Rules? 

Scandoval obviously dominated the discussion during all three installments of the shocking Vanderpump Rules reunion, which featured the entire Pump Rules cast—including Raquel Leviss, who had to watch the dramatic proceedings from 100 yards away inside a trailer because of her then-in-effect restraining order from Scheana Shay

During the reunion, Tom Sandoval, Ariana Madix and the rest of the SUR crew dug into how, where and, importantly, when the infidelity began between the two co-stars, all revolving around a so-called "Guys Night" that the male cast members. But exactly when did this "Guys Night" take place and how does Raquel factor in? 

When was 'Guys Night' on 'Vanderpump Rules'?

Given the overlap between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss's affair and his decade-long relationship with Ariana, fans have been curious about "when was season 10 of Vanderpump Rules filmed?" We know that the "Guys Night" took place in episode seven of this season, which saw Raquel leave the girls' trip in Las Vegas and crash the fellas' evening at Skybar at the Mondrian Los Angeles back at home in L.A. Viewers see Raquel and Sandoval embrace upon her arrival, and then the episode ended with an ominous "To Be Continued" message.

Of course, at the time, Pump Rules fans didn't know that their hug was anything more than friendly, but the reunion special illuminated unknown details about the seemingly innocent encounter, after which Raquel and Tom allegedly had sex for the first time in Ariana's car outside of her and Tom's home. (All while Ariana was mourning the loss of her beloved dog, Charlotte!) 

"So we had that guys' night at the Mondrian and that very next See You Next Tuesday. They were filming and we weren't a part of it. But then a bunch of us went to The Abbey and it was that night," Sandoval confirmed the timing during the reunion. "We had that first time and then we took a break. After we went to Life Is Beautiful [in September 2022]—which was after we wrapped."

So "Guys Night" occurred in August 2022, as corroborated by an "intense" video that Scheana Shay's friend Jamie Lynne took of the duo that night, which she turned over to Pump Rules producers and subsequently detailed on her "Jamie All Over" podcast. “Raquel and Sandoval were sitting on the curb outside of Saddle Ranch just talking. I didn’t realize that at the time like how close they were talking or how intimate it actually looked. So I start filming the two of them talking,” she said. 

“I had this thought [at the time]. I thought, ‘I’m not posting this because this looks way too intimate and I don’t want [Ariana Madix] to feel a certain way about this,'” Lynne continued. “I [didn’t] want her to feel disrespected.”

Bravo will air a special “Secrets Revealed” episode of Vanderpump Rules with even more behind-the-affair drama, on Wednesday, June 14 at 9pm ET.

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