This is why Liam Llewellyn left 'Love Island'

Liam is the first islander to leave the villa in 2022

Liam on Love Island UK
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Millions of hearts around the UK and beyond are currently broken after hearing that Liam Llewellyn hearing has left Love Island UK 2022.   

The Welsh contestant, who had a rough start after Davide Sanclimenti swooped in and coupled up with Gemma Owen (here's how to watch Love Island UK if you need to catch up), is confirmed to have left the Love Island villa. The rumors started after we saw him gather the other islanders around the firepit in Love Island's First Look—but why did he decide to leave just after his date with two gorgeous bombshells?

Liam during episode 4 of Love Island UK 2022

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Why did Liam Llewellyn leave the Love Island villa?

Speaking to his fellow islanders during Friday's episode, Liam said he hasn't been feeling himself and that is why he decided to end his Love Island experience.

"So, obviously we all came here for the same sort of reason, but I haven't been giving 100 percent Liam. I know what that looks like and I'm miles off that.

"Trying to find someone to leave the villa with is the goal, but when you're not feeling that, it makes it a hard time to find that. I've thought about this a lot, it's not a spur-of-the-moment type thing.

"I've made the decision to leave the villa. It's been a breeze, it's been an absolute ball. You are all unreal."

Earlier today, an insider had told Mail Online: "It was so unexpected, with only a few days into the series, an Islander has already walked from the villa.

"Liam felt his place on the show should be offered to someone that would enjoy the experience better, which is admirable." Awww, Liam!

The Welsh sweetheart, whose dad is actually famous too (just like Gemma's), had a rough ride during his first few days in the Love Island villa. After being clearly smitten with Gemma, who the public decided he should couple up with, he was visibly upset when the Italian snack walked in and coupled up with her a day later.

The public showed just how much they were on his side by picking him for not just one but two dates with the two new bombshells, which seemed promising. But when they got back to the villa, Liam wasn't in either of the new girls' top three's. Ouch!

Liam during episode 5 of Love Island UK 2022

(Image credit: ITV Press Centre)

How have the fans reacted to Liam's departure?

Liam became a clear fan-favorite among Love Island fans, so many are having a hard time accepting he won't be there to speak in his Tom Holland voice. 

One said: "I’m not watching love island now cause Liam has left #LoveIsland"; while another wrote: "i’m honestly so gutted that liam could be leaving love island, he was by far one of my fav guys in there".

A third added: "I’m actually so sad Liam quit. don’t worry Liam you was too good for them anyway #LoveIsland".

Where can you find Love Island's Liam on Instagram?

If you're going to miss seeing Liam on your screen, then you'll be happy to know he was fairly active on Instagram before he joined the Love Island UK 2022 cast. His handle is liamllew_.

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