Zack and Bliss from 'Love Is Blind' *finally* got to go on their dreamy Mexican honeymoon

Zack and Bliss got to make their own memories in Mexico after his disastrous vacation there with Irina

zach and bliss at the love is blind reunion season 4 in 2023
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Better late than never, right? Zack and Bliss finally got to enjoy the romantic getaway that all of the Love Is Blind couples are treated to on the show. 

For those of you who recall the bumpy ride—and we're not just talking about that disastrous Love Is Blind season 4 reunionZack Goytowski was caught in a love triangle. Fans had been crossing their fingers that he'd end up with Bliss Poureetezadi, but instead, he chose to propose to Irina Solomonova, who was quickly labeled the "mean girl" of the season. 

Things immediately went downhill after the two met IRL. Irina flinched every time Zack was near her, compared him to a cartoon character, straight-up ignored him when they were together and flirted with her "best friend" Micah Lussier's husband-to-be, Paul Penden, while the engaged couples set out for their honeymoon.

As Zack said of the getaway, "It's been f***ing horrible." But it looks like the reality star got a second chance, both at romance and Mexico!

Zack and Bliss from 'Love Is Blind' finally make it to Mexico

After Zack and Irina's horrific honeymoon, he chose to rekindle things with Bliss. Though skeptical at first, she slowly began feeling more comfortable with the relationship, and ultimately, they said, "I do." 

Although they didn't get to enjoy a Mexican honeymoon on screen, they did venture to Cabo one year later to enjoy a romantic beach getaway on their terms. Bliss took to Instagram on Sunday, May 28, to reveal that she and Zack actually took their vacation back in January 2023, despite having sworn off the vacation hotspot as a result of Zack's experience.

"We had a little trip to Cabo, Mexico back in January. The sunsets were everything," she wrote. 

Naturally, it didn't take long for commenters to appreciate this moment: "I’m happy he decided to go back to Mexico. Make new memories with you," one user wrote. Another chimed in with, "Happy you two had a good mem in Mexico!! Well deserved cuties."

Love Is Blind season 4 was filmed at TRS Yucatan, a five-star luxury resort located on the Riviera Maya coastline. The adults-only, all-inclusive property boasts couple-ready romantic bungalows, private poolside suites, a waterfront infinity pool, a spacious spa and wellness center, aqua excursions and more. It was great for most of the show's engaged couples, minus Zack. We're glad he got a re-do!

Love Is Blind season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. 

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